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Strapped - Nina G. Jones holy mother of amazing covers i am reading this
All of You - Christina  Lee yet ANOTHER book I can't buy.Really, authors? Really? Limit your audience, why don't you?
Trouble - Nadene Seiters OMIGOSH I am so into these characters!!! I honestly didn't expect to like this freebie as much as I did, and now I'm sitting here, scratching my head in confusion, wondering WHY? Why is life so unfair? Why do crappy books go big, but when someone writes something decent, it has to be offered up for free so people would notice it?Gasp! Caleb is a hero that is equal parts nice, sweet, alpha, SMART. Must say there was that awkward moment when the hero does the smart thing when sh*t hits the fan and doesn't try to act all macho about it. Yup. Not a single eye-rolling moment was had reading this book.I liked how I got to know Daisy so well without stepping once into her head. Fangirling over her so much.And I liked their relationship. I thought it was insta-love but I guess, under the circumstances, it worked eh.The writing is good, at least I thought it was good. It's not flowery, but it's not simple either, it's just right. I really liked that it was told from all male POV. Sigh. More all-male POV books, please. It felt genuine to me. I really got to know Caleb, and I cared for him. I could almost feel his pain as he felt it.I was skeptical! I admit it. I didn't think this would be good. It has a crappy cover and it's fairly short and it's free and it has no reviews and I've never even heard if it. But the synopsis sounded so interesting I just had to give it a chance. SO GLAD.Oh, I have to mention Ronnie. I liked how connected he was to the story even though he was dead, you could always feel his presence there.I did have some issues with it. Parts of it felt very repetitive, and it could have used more editing. I wish the author explored the Delilah thing further, as it is it just seemed like it was thrown in there for whatever reason. The parents issue felt way too easily resolved.For those who like to know these things, there are a couple of really mild sex scenes. I'm talking when the actual thing happens, it's fade to black.Yeah, overall if you can squeeze this in I say definitely do it. It's actually fairly short, but even if it wasn't free and I bought it and read it I wouldn't have thought it was a waste of money. I'll be keeping an eye out for this author :).
Monster (Impossible, #1) - Julia Sykes EEP! DOES THIS NOT SOUND AWESOME?
Falling Upward (Falling, #2.5) - Devon Ashley omg omg omg

More Than This (More, #1)

More Than This (More, #1) - Jay McLean edit: $1.99 sale over the weekend!!! Linkie Link.Let's be clear that I'm rating the story. I know the book is being edited atm, so I'll let it slide :).On a night Mikayla's life changes in every way imaginable, she meets Jake.Insta love made sense to me. Through it all he's like an anchor to her, keeping her grounded, being that lifeline for her. These two have great chemistry, too, and I loved their relationship. It wasn't the intense/must-have-NAO thing, more like...sweet and simmering and just waiting to boil. Loved it.In this sense, I think, if I had to compare this to another book, it would be [b:Callum & Harper|13122965|Callum & Harper (Sleepless, #1)|Fisher Amelie|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1322521960s/13122965.jpg|18298587].I loved Callum & Harper.I also had a major issue with them not talking to each other.Same thing I had an issue with in this book. I just wanted to sort of imaginary tie them together and be like "Okay, now talk! Say things."Jake was the perfect swoon-worthy hero, which is something everyone who told me to read this book promised. I was never worried he might do something to piss me off, not even for a second. From the first moment he sees that Kayla needs someone, he's it for her. I loved it! Loved it so freaking much that there was never a DOUBT in my mind about his integrity. More books need heroes like these. Like, lots more books. Lots!Oh, I breezed through this book, it's so very readable! The characters are likable, and all shades of gray, like even the cheating boyfriend was more than just a cheating boyfriend (not a spoiler).I loved all of Jake's friends. Dylan and Heidi, drunk Lucy was my fave. Logan, I wanna read your story and am so so happy it's being written. I'm hoping it won't be too heartbreaking. I was so onto you, Logan. I knew your secret! I also may be partial to characters named Logan. Always like them.The writing is engaging and equal parts sad/funny/sweet/cute. It's told in dual POV which I appreciated A LOT because it switches POV just at the right time.Some major feels from this book, seriously.For those who care, there are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes ;). I must say I didn't expect them... for some reason. But they weren't overdone and I think it suited the story.Okay, overall? Read this book. I'm pretty confident once it's all edited and prettied up it will be a great read! As it is, I still didn't mind it too much - the typos and grammar errors, they weren't that distracting. The story is actually so good, it completely overshadowed that. So, yeah. Basically, I recommend.

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3)

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher 3.5. I rounded up initially, but you know what? I don't care.So, is this a record? I read a book in less than four hours.All I can say is, thank eff this is finally over.So long, Caleb and Olivia, you will haunt my book nightmares forever.Here's to never getting into a series like this again.edit: Okay, cooled off today - writing a proper review.The brilliance of The Opportunist - for me - was that it had everything that makes me NOT want to read a book, I was warned about it, I still read it and I freaking loved it for the way these stupid black words on white background made me feel all the ~feels. Like, legit, it's probably the most frustrating book I have ever read.Caleb was this Mythical Creature that was ALL and EVERYTHING and I was dying to get into his head. So imagine my happiness when I learned Thief is all Caleb's POV.Sidenote: he's blond. He says it. You'd never guess from the guy on the cover, but okay. WTF cover guy? Doesn't matter you're hot, you're still not Caleb. Though, I bet, after reading this book, you wouldn't want to be.Let's talk about overgrown teenagers who let their pride ruin their (and others') lives. Or, you know, Caleb.Truth is I actually did warm up to him in this book, at least more than I did in the other books. That being said, I expected him to be so much more. Like, what is it about Caleb Drake that made these women go cray-cray? The answer? They're just cray-cray. Nothing to do with Caleb Drake, he just has weird taste in women. He says it himself.Let's talk about the story. More back and forth. More weird things. A whole lotta hoovering. Halfway through the book she just throws whatever she can at them. It doesn't end - literally, in epilogue, she does it some more.Look, when an author... uh, how do I say it without spoiling anything? Ah well, I'll spoiler tag it. When an author placates the readers, I wish they would at least DO IT RIGHT. Give me butterflies and sunshine and shit like that.I hate bittersweet epilogues riddled with even more tragedies more than anything else in the world.Still, I didn't hate this book. It had sweet moments that made me awwwwwww and some funny moments that made me LOL. It had a moment that made me cry, too.I guess I just expected it to be... wow. Can I say better and not have my head sliced off? Can I? Cause that's what I want to say. I wanted it to be ALL and EVERYTHING, kinda like Caleb, but in the end, I didn't get it, nor did I get that Caleb.So there we go. Over and finished and I guess I'm relieved it's finally done. Hence my initial reaction. I could have done without, honest. If this is what I get, three books written on basis of the-big-freaking-misunderstanding, because, you know, ppl don't talk. I could have so done without.You know things are bad when I wish he actually cheated on her.Better rip my heart out than leave me indifferent like this.Speaking of which.I called this supposed "twist" after reading the first book - not even kidding, I think I made quite a few comments with my theories and this is the one I held on to the most.And OH-MY-GOD the way Caleb just thought it was okay that she went to Noah, tried to start this family with him, and when it all failed she came back to him - like she was just settling with him. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? He loved her so it's okay that he's second best. My god. Both of them hahahahahahhaa, what a joke.Okay, if I continue with this review I may even lower my rating so I'll just wrap it up before things escalate.Oh, for ppl who like to know these things - some mildly graphic sex scenes in this book.Overall. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning I've resisted reading these for a long time. I have a fear of vampire books and someone has this shelved under "vampires".Took a bit of persuasion from a friend to finally give it a shot :D And I'm glad I did.I bought the first book but then I returned it for a refund and got the five-book bundle instead. What the hell? I always do this, smh.As refreshing as it is to read an actual planned out series - where the first book was never meant to be a standalone ever, it's also a double edged sword.On the one hand, I really really enjoyed the world building and finding out things along with Mac, being as in the dark as she was about what was going on.I loved Mac (yes, despite her love for shiny, pink things). I had a brief thought that perhaps she is tstl, and... I still think so, haha. Nevertheless I loved her for how feisty and unrelenting she is in her search of her sister's murderer.Barrons took a bit or warming up to. I'm guessing this was intended. I had serious doubts about this guy.AND I HAVE A THEORY. Or theories, rather. I'd just like to lay it out that I have theories about Barrons, so when I'm right, I can say "HA! Called it."Now, on the other hand, I was bored as hell through parts of this book because, despite learning things, not much happens. A basic, introductory, world-building book. The first in a series. That's it.Hopefully with this established, the other books pick up. I'm definitely curious to see where the story goes.I did have an issue with the writing. F O R E S H A D O W I N G! Never like it in a book. Future Mac sort of tells you that the things that happen in present aren't what you think they are or what she thought. No kidding.Oh well.No graphic sex scenes but definitely some implied sex (for those who like to know these things).Okay, well. That's it from me. Onwards to the second book!

The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 1)

The Silver Chain - Primula Bond DNF. The narration annoyed the hell out of me.
My Deliberate Mistake - Claire Svendsen I've tried to read this book three times now. No go. If I had finished it, I would have rated it a 2.5 or a 3. As it is, I don't think I've read enough of this book to even write a proper review, so I'll keep it short.It had a great beginning. Just a little creepy (unlike Mark, who is just a lot creepy). Very intriguing.The sad thing is that Julia the dead sister was my favorite character. As the story went on I found it really forced, in a way. Is Ana crazy? Or is she haunted? I didn't care much because I was busy rolling my eyes at this 17-18 year old who sees the guy, decides she's in love with him, lets him do the nasty to her after barely exchanging a word... she has a crying fit when she sees him standing with another girl -- this is DAY TWO of their acquaintance... and we find out he sculpted her naked in the twenty-four hours of seeing her. I'm thinking WHAT A CREEP. She thinks it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. Anyways, you get my point. Clearly Ana and I would never get along.Better just to leave it alone, you know?That being said, I did love what I've seen of writing. It's engaging and it sets the atmosphere just right.*** Free copy of this book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
Underestimated - Jettie Woodruff Warning! This is not your everyday fall in love romance. This book contains disturbing situations, strong language, graphic, sexual content, some forced, some not.Take this seriously. The things Morgan goes through are horrific and... I felt so hopeless about her situation even though I knew she got away (this is not a spoiler).A 4.5 read, but I do have some things to say about it. It really messed with my head.This book was a first for me. I'm sure you're all gonna say that it's probably not because we all know what kinds of books I read (and I'm a TTM survivor :D), but it was different. First, I read the ending first. It wasn't on purpose, and it normally ruins the book for me to the point of not wanting to read it. But here? I was REALLY intrigued by that ending and how the author would pull it off.I don’t deserve you anymore than I deserve to breathe, but I can’t get you out of my head. I am so madly in love with you, I can’t stand it.Another first. I loved Drew, the villain of this book. Like, from the get go, I was rooting for him. I hated the sick mother-effer for the most part, but I loved him. My heart broke for him a few times, too.But how do you redeem a man that constantly beats the heroine, plays mind games with her, sticks the randomest things in her vagina just because he gets off on humiliating her (A PENCIL. A LETTER OPENER. I MEAN. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.) I just don't know... How do you redeem a man like that? I didn't expect it to happen.I mean, the book is mindfuckery at its best so you will understand. Mostly I didn't even know how I should feel. Really though, it's not your conventional romance. I know some might even hate on the way things happen.For me, it wasn't the fact that she turned around and fell in love with this man who abused her in every way imaginable and I really mean that. Like I said, I was rooting for Drew from the beginning and I was hoping that he would have some reason other than being a ruthless bastard to do what he did. It all seemed so impersonal, and I had a million and one theories of what happened to him and why he was so broken (because he was).But I have my hangups about cheating and I know it shouldn't have bothered me because the whole book is over the top brutal, but it did.Even though I was quite happy with the way the book ended, I didn't appreciate the last 20% of it. This is the reason I took half a star off. The book was very long but throughout I didn't feel it was overwritten. However, when I came to that last part, I felt it dragged a bit. She was very indecisive and then the whole "other" thing, and the last 20% are all about that. It just felt like neverending, and honestly - a bit too light and dramarama (your typical bizarre love triangle) for the heavy read that was this book.And whew - has it been a while since I read a book this long! It's over 7000 locations on Kindle, so I'd say you definitely get your money's worth at $2.99!I liked the way it was written, I thought it suited the story. The whole book I was dreading him finding her again. The whole time I was dreading him doing something even more horrible to her (he did!) There are some great twists. Didn't see that coming at all. His reasoning didn't make sense to me, though. It just felt petty and quite honestly, a bit psycho. Which he was, so it's a valid excuse, I guess.I don't think I even have to say there are graphic sex scenes in it. Be warned there are non-con, dub-con, any-con-you-can-think-of scenes as well.And darnit if some of them weren't hot. There, I said it. Drew has a weird fascination with all sorts of sex toys.This review probably sounds incoherent. I stayed up all night to finish it (and my internet was down so I had nothing else to do, either) so I'm writing the review on zero sleep. Forgive the disconnected thoughts.But read the book. It may not be for everyone, but I know quite a few people that would enjoy it.
Miles of Pleasure - Stephanie Nicole Soooo, this book was a freebie, but I still paid for it (actually I don't remember if I paid for it, and I can't be bothered to check, lol. Point is, I've read it before).Wanna know how? Because it's the same book as [b:Under Her Skin|16038613|Under Her Skin|Alexis Lauren|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1348549947s/16038613.jpg|21813220]. Like, word for word the same, except the names are switched around.So in short, a twice-recycled Justin Bieber fanfic. This time I had the sense to DNF, lol.Edit: okay, I need to explain myself. If you will bother to get a new pen name, change book titles and all, WHY NOT MAKE THEM BETTER, AT LEAST? I was skimming through each of these two books a bit and I found some new material in the new one and all that jazz, but the book itself is bad. (Still) bad writing, (still) bad editing.AND THEN NOT TO EVEN MENTION it's the same book in product description! What's up with that? It's $3.89! Ppl will be paying for the same book! God.
Ryder (Resisting Love, #2.5) - Chantal Fernando I don't like reviewing novellas because I have no idea what to say and not spoil anything, but here goes.Of the three books in this series I've read, I felt this one was the strongest. Sad it was a novella, because it would have made such a great full-length novel, but oh, well.Both Ryder and Lexi are great characters and I really liked their story. It was kind of insta-love but it didn't bother me too much.The twist I did not see coming at all! It was great.The writing has improved and the story flows much better even if it skips in time a little.There's a mildly graphic sex scene and some swearing.Overall, I felt it best of the three. It had a beginning, a middle and an end which is something I find novellas usually lack. The second part was a little low on drama for what it could have been, but I can't complain because I don't like a lot of drama in books. Anyways, definitely recommended.

Office Toy (Office Toy, #1)

Office Toy (Office Toy, #1) - Cleo Peitsche bahahahaa i'm so reading this

Amazingly Broken

Amazingly Broken - Jordin Williams The Plagiarizing of Tammara Webber’s Easy by @JordinBWilliamsUn-freakin-believable.Oh my god, this is almost hilarious. According to what ppl on Facebook are saying, Emily Curran, Liz Thomas AND Jordin Williams are all the same person? What, bad reviews, so just move on to a new pen name until you get it right?


Debutante - Madeline Moore smh now i'm buying pornstar books off amazon. like it couldn't get any worse with my one-click addiction.