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Hard to Love

Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan I've been looking forward to this one because of the interesting premise.I won't say it didn't deliver, because it sort of did, but I didn't end up loving it.I loved the first half of it, especially the first chapter. Actually, I read the sample and didn't even consider that the rest of the book may not be good. So yeah, the first half of the book was pretty good but then it all sort of went down from there.My main problem was with the heroine. For how much we were told that she was trying to make a life for herself and be independent, that she's a natural caregiver (her friend sort of informs you that she always goes around helping homeless people and animals) - we weren't really shown a lot of it. To me, she just seemed like a spoiled little rich girl, all the time.And at times, I felt like she was just acting like a child. She knew what he did, and the way she acted that morning...IT'S A JOB. And then she falls apart after they split and turns into an alcoholic? I just don't know...I was kind of skimming her parts by the end because she annoyed me so much.The saving grace of this book is Caden. What a wonderful, well-rounded character. He is caring, resourceful and most of all, he's willing to do anything for his little sister - his priorities are refreshingly straight. He has a purpose. I loved the way he was with Lily.The introduction of his character was awesome.I kind of wish that the main conflict of the story remained the difference between their social statuses. Because everything else the author threw their way were just petty things.The writing was great but there was no chemistry between these two. And we are just not shown enough of their relationship to really feel it. Most of the time I felt like there were scenes missing in order to get the full picture - they meet CUT she goes to his place and meets Lily CUT all of a sudden she's spending all of her time there but we aren't shown this CUT they fall into this relationship, and they're supposed to be really close CUT... at least that's how it felt to me.I say read it if only for Caden and Lily. The opening scene really was gripping. And I did like the book, just not as much as I expected.