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The Other Side of Us

The Other Side of Us - Sarah Mayberry Preorder the Kindle edition for FREE. (This link exactly. Don't search for it.)I won't say this is my favorite Mayberry novel, but it's definitely somewhere among them. It's a wonderful story about two people finding each other when everything else in their lives went wrong.Oliver just found out his wife cheated on him...repeatedly...ever since they got married. Tough luck, I seriously felt for him. To find out that six years of your life had been one constant lie, it must be awful. So naturally, he's not rushing to trust anyone again like that, especially since his ex wife was able to lie to him for six years and he never even suspected a thing.Mackenzie's life has been put on hold by a car accident but she's determined to go back to her old self. Only, it's not so easy, her body - as much as she's trying, won't cooperate and while she was recovering the world moved on. Her job got snatched up by a hotshot producer, her ex-husband-sometimes-friend-with-benefits didn't even come and see her after the accident.By pure luck, they end up next-door neighbors with two dogs that take a liking to each other even if their owners don't feel exactly the same about each other.I loved how they went from this dislike to such an easy friendship, and how the author took her time to develop the unbearable sexual tension between the two. Most importantly, it's not meaningless by a long shot, because they both know what they have is something more than a casual fling at the beach house for both of them.Of course, she also makes the conflict very realistic, as well as all the small issues that arise on their journey to a HEA. This is what I like about Sarah Mayberry's novels the most, the problems and obstacles her characters face are always realistic, and the way they deal with them makes sense. Who in the world would think that after Edie's betrayal Oliver could ever trust another person again without a doubt? Or if a woman will ever be self-confident about her looks after being scarred and damaged beyond repair, especially in the world of perfection we live in today? Not to mention that denial that you can't go back to what you were before, after you came close to dying in such a terrible accident.Watching them both find exactly what they need in each other was wonderful and touching.I don't want to boast about writing, I love her style because it suits me. The characters are well developed, the conflict, as I mentioned, realistic, and the pace is perfect. I want to talk about the ending (another thing I love about her novels are endings, especially of her latest couple of books) - I loved it so much. It was what I would have expected any sane person to do, to fight for what feels right, despite being discouraged to do so.I don't think I even have to mention that there are graphic sex scenes in this.Overall, another great novel by Sarah Mayberry. I like to say I love my Mayberries, they're always a sure thing for me. She is one of the few authors that I completely trust to write something I will love, and The Other Side of Us is no exception.edit: I don't usually pay attention to HQN covers but I have to say that it bothers me that the girl in the cover has long hair when the heroine has short hair for the length of the book, and the hero actually has long hair - and it's something important and mentioned a few times.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.