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Lovely, Dark and Deep

Lovely, Dark and Deep - Amy McNamara I fell in love with this cover. The book is not cheap for an e-book, but I figured it would have to be worth it. I wasn't exactly right - but I wasn't wrong either. It's a pretty good read, I enjoyed it even if the writing style took some getting used to.The story is great, I really really liked it. Both Wren and Cal have issues they have to get over and they help each other through it all. And I actually did like Wren, her grief and the way she dealt with it was heartbreaking and I felt for her loss. Cal is a wonderful character - he had all these things taken away from him and he didn't even fight it, he just gave up on it all. I completely understood why he was being all hot and cold with her until the very end.The writing style... All these short, snippy sentences were just breaking my reading and it took me forever to read it. I tried to not make a pause after each full stop but it's hard when your brain is trained to do it - and I'm okay with it, really - I get it that maybe the author wanted me to experience what it felt like to be Wren, but she also did it in dialogue with other characters, not just Wren. So I'm not sure if it's just her writing style or good characterization of the main character.This is Wren's train of thought:Mary does this. Pops into my room. Asks little questions. I say nothing. It’s eleven and I’m still under the covers.and then this is something Cal says:“My dad remarried. They moved to Montreal. Sent us to boarding school. My little brother and me. The place up here’s kind of a family house, for holidays and vacations.”It's very similar to me, so I don't know.The ending felt kind of anti-climatic, like just an end of a chapter rather than the story. I kept waiting for the big something to happen, but I don't get it in the end.I can't say I regret reading it, though. It was a wonderful story and I'm glad I read it, and if you can deal with the way it's written then I'd say it's worth it - which is why I'm giving it a four-star rating (though it's more of a 4.3 or something). I'm looking forward to reading more from Amy McNamara.