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Reservations for Two

Reservations for Two - Jennifer Lohmann This is more of a 3.5+, because while I ultimately liked it, I just can't ignore the fact that I struggled through parts of it.The book is filled with wonderful food, and yeah, if the author's intention was for the reader to get hungry while reading this, then she succeeded. The things I would do for that cinnamon roll right now...There were many things I liked about this. First being the relationship between Dan and Tilly. See, they don't just jump into a whirlwind romance, their relationship develops over time, and while I thought it was too soon to start having feelings when they did, I enjoyed the way both Dan and Tilly were still taking it slow. Especially Dan, because he doesn't have any false claims that he only wants something temporary with Tilly. I liked that Tilly never let her lust rule over common sense, what Dan did warranted all the distrust she felt towards him.Dan does come off as a bit stubborn in the beginning, but I liked that about him! I wished he wouldn't write the second review. Yes, the reason he wrote the bad review was unprofessional, and I'm all for owning up to your mistakes, but he had it right in saying that that was his work, and what he had with Tilly should be separate from that.I loved how Tilly just kept going, despite everything that was weighing her down she doesn't let any of it faze her, and that she had it in her to be civilized around Dan after she finds out he wrote the review.Another thing that I really liked was the ending. This is a HQN, so obviously it's a HEA, however, there's no engagement, there's no marriage, there are definitely no children.The writing is wonderful, even if the pace was slow at times. And here lies my struggle with this book - I it was tiring me out and I had to take actual breaks from reading it throughout the book. I can't remember the last time this has happened to me. But when things were happening, it was really good. There's a bit of mystery in the story, and while I had a hunch on who it was, I wasn't sure, so I was still interested in finding out.There's a graphic sex scene towards the end, but in all fairness, it was a mix of actual sex and food references.I could go on and on about how HQN cover artists don't even read the book they are making the cover for, or at least ask someone what the characters look like - Tilly has blue hair, and it's a big thing in the story, the author keeps reminding you of it. Yes, the new covers are gorgeous, but still have nothing to do with the books, so there.Overall, I'd recommend this, especially if you're a food enthusiast. Seriously, it will make your mouth water, and the love story is actually really sweet.