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Raw Blue

Raw Blue - Kirsty Eagar I almost didn't read this, it took me forever to find it. It's a heartbreaking story.I didn't think it would affect me so much, but what happened to Carly is such a horrible thing that I genuinely felt for her. I guess everyone deals with things like these in a different way, and I get it why she isolated herself from everyone but it hurt so much to read how alone she was, her loneliness was seeping from the pages. I felt every emotion she felt, the horror of what happened, the shame, the fear...The development of her character is simply amazing. What a difference between the first and the last page, you can almost feel hope for future she feels in the end. There's also an array of wonderful, interesting supporting characters - mainly Danny (I loved him!), Ryan (the romantic interest) and Hannah (the quirky Dutch neighbor going through a serious case of middle-age crisis).I have to add that I am satisfied with how the author dealt with such a delicate subject. Carly doesn't just jump into a relationship that "cures" her and her issues are solved instantly. The sex scenes are descriptive without being graphic, which I felt was appropriate.Like in [b:Night Beach|11019430|Night Beach|Kirsty Eagar|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302097382s/11019430.jpg|15938763], surfing is an important element in this book, too. Actually, the way Kirsty Eagar makes it sound I think I may have fallen in love with surfing through these two books. You can tell she knows what she's writing about and has a passion for it.I also love all the Australianisms throughout the book, it makes it all sound more genuine.I can say I'm a Kirsty Eagar fan now, having read and loved two of her books (I wish I was a vampire fan so I could read [b:Saltwater Vampires|8685141|Saltwater Vampires|Kirsty Eagar|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1280520620s/8685141.jpg|13557403], too). I love her style of writing, she creates realistic, deep characters with amazing development and great, heartfelt stories.