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Rescue Heat

Rescue Heat - Nina  Hamilton Well, that was an anti-climatic ending, but definitely suitable for how low-key the romance was.But that's unimportant, because I was really into this story even without the romance. The amount of detail pertaining the work setting of Brigid and Matt (and the rest of this lovely crew) was amazing. It almost makes me wonder if the author actually had some search and rescue, or medical training, but upon further research it turns out that no, she doesn't. And that makes it even better.Brigid, a kick-ass, independent, young doctor is the only female member of helicopter rescue crew. What I liked the most about Brigid is that not for a second she turns into a damsel in distress and just how efficient and confident she was with what she does, the easy camaraderie she has with the rest of the crew.Matt, and American ex-soldier comes to Australia and joins the same team Brigid is on. Matt is a bit closed-off, maybe a little too much but he finds that with Brigid he doesn't mind sharing at all, and behind this wall you get to know a really kind and nice man. There is an authority with his character that even I respected everything he said because he obviously knew what he was doing.There is an instant attraction between the two, and it always kind of simmers somewhere in the back, but the front stage is taken by the work the team does on day-to-day basis. I have to say I really liked the subtle romance here.The writing is good, I guess, and there is obvious chemistry between Matt and Brigid, although I have to say I did mind the author glossing over some issues - like Matt's girlfriend cheating on him, and Brigid's romantic past altogether. Another thing that bothered me is that she was so adamant not to get involved with him and then she just changed her mind, like flipping a switch or something. The characters come out of the story the same as they go in.There are a couple of graphic sex scenes in this.Overall I appreciated this for being something different to what I usually read. I would definitely say give it a go, if only for the unique setting and story.