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Lucid - Adrienne Stoltz, Ron Bass I open my eyes. I'm still smiling.MIND. BLOWN. That's how I feel right now. And if I'm honest, half the time I felt like I was tripping.It has been a long while since I've cried confused tears because of a book. Because I don't know if they were happy, or sad, or just a mixture of both.I cried for Maggie, and I cried for Sloane, and in the end I still didn't know who I was crying for, really.Halfway through this, my biggest complaint was that nothing is really happening. I mean, things were happening, but nothing to even give you an inclination of what is really going on. And this made me want to turn to the last page and just see what is going on so I can go back to reading the book without being distracted with guessing. Don't do that, people. It will do you no good. Trust me on this one, you need to read everything to understand what happened.Maggie, a New York actress who is for some reason extremely cynical about love, finally finds it in the most wonderful person. He is perfect in every possible way.Sloane, a small town high school girl who is obviously grieving a forbidden (in a way) love that she lost, finds it again.The book is extremely smart. It keeps you guessing until the very end. Every time you think you have it figured out, whatever you're thinking, you're probably wrong. Because what I got from the ending didn't even cross my mind. Maybe it's just me?I loved Andrew, I loved Jade and Max, I loved Gordy and I loved Bill. I loved Maggie more than Sloane and felt guilty because of it since I've connected with both girls so much. And because I secretly wanted Maggie to be the real one if the book should go that way. James I didn't like, because I had a thing for Gordy. Sorry, James. You're probably a nice guy.The writing grips you from the beginning, you just know you're in for one hell of a ride. You can distinguish between the girls voices in the beginning, but as the lines start to blur they become more and more similar and I felt just as they both did, confused and disoriented. The girls feel so real with their monologues, their day-to-day routine, their personalities were just amazing. I think they would have been great friends.I need to discuss the ending but obviously, I can't do that without spoiling anything. I'm not sure I should even put it under a spoiler tag because I know how irresistible those are, and I want everyone to draw their own conclusion from that ending. It definitely makes you want to go back and reread the whole thing now that you know what's going on, because - the clues were there all along.I can't recommend this book enough. Really, it is one of the best thought out books I've read. Nothing makes sense until it finally does. And I promise you will need tissues, and I promise you will be as confused as I am if they're because you're happy or sad with the ending. I am so happy that this book was my first of 2013. I needed to start this year with a good book. Read it.