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Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard Wow. The amount of detail in this book is amazing. I love it when an author writes about things they know so well, I wasn't at all surprised to read Kirsten Hubbard has actually seen it all, because it's obvious!Bria is such a great, multi-layered character. I warmed up to her instantly, maybe because I can relate to her on a very personal level. I have always wanted to travel the world, but I never actually had the courage to do it alone (even though I have seen my fair share of the world, for the most part I don't count it as traveling the way I want to). I wish I was as brave as her. I want to be her.I think the author struck a chord with this character because I am sure I'm not the only one who can relate to her like this, plus we've all been there sometimes - at that point where you don't know what comes next. I loved the growth we see in her from the lost, fragile girl in the beginning to the young woman who fights for what she wants in the end, and how she (re)discovers herself along with Central America.Rowan is one of the best heroes I have ever read. He is not perfect by a long shot, and it's what makes him so great, he needs Bria just as much as she needs him in her life, even if at first he is determined to keep running. You can see the growth in him, coming to terms with his past and deciding to finally deal with it, which is another thing I really liked about this book - you watch two characters change each other in such profound ways.It all ties up nicely in the end, but not in an overwhelming way. There are no confessions of eternal love, or promises of forever. Just a hint of what might happen, and I really liked this.I loved the way it was written, you are never bored and the descriptions are so vivid you almost feel like you're out there with them. Most importantly, and something I've come to appreciate a lot - Hubbard doesn't have her characters fall in love instantly. They actually get to know and trust each other, forming a strong friendship during their traveling together and it makes it believable because they spend a so much time with each other.I have to say the book also made me a bit sad. It makes you long to do the things that you're not brave enough to do, and it made me think I'm wasting my life away. But that's okay! Any book that makes you question yourself in any way is a good book!For every travel enthusiast out there, you need to read this book! It just might give you a push in the right direction to get up and do some traveling yourself. It really is that good.