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Rockoholic - C.J. Skuse This book is sweet, and at times heartbreaking, but you need to know something else: this book is also h i l a r o u s!During the first like...7-8 chapters (before and during the kidnapping and the aftermath of it) I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.The whole book is funny, though. My sister kept glancing over at me worriedly because every now and then I would crack up so much.Jody is half-mad. I mean, I get her, she is grieving, she is lonely, she doesn't fit in, and she is in love with a guy she thinks is gay, which is so obvious from the beginning!. It's all very sad, but she has this childlike quality about her and absolutely doesn't filter in her head anything she does or says! I really, really loved her. Her logic was logical to me too.And Mac - oh.my.god.I cannot put it in words how much I loved him. To everything that Jody does or says, he is the voice of reason. The perfect Yin to her Yang, someone that keeps her grounded (as much as he can). Every single thing he says, I clung onto his words, he is just such a wonderful character (I'm fighting myself here not to quote in this review everything he says). He has a bit of a dramatic flair which is very likable, but he is also calm and collected when he needs to be and overall such a sweet guy. I loved him with Cree.Actually, I wouldn't have minded a whole book just about him, that's how much I liked him.You know, what makes this so great is that we've all been there! I cannot name a single person who wasn't in some sort of love with a celebrity - but Jody just takes it to a whole new level (even if it's unintentional). She is, quite literally, obsessed with Jackson and this combined with a simple chocolate bar misunderstanding gets her into so much trouble! Mac is always there to help her along, being whatever she needs him to be.I felt so sorry for Jackson, even though he also made me laugh with his antics. He is a great character, in that brotherly kind of way (once he's off the drugs he is quite likable). Sometimes celebrity stardust is just cheap glitter and you can definitely see that when you look at his life, he is a pretty deep character.So if you're looking for something that has a little weight, has an array of amazing characters, and will also make you laugh, this is definitely the book I would recommend.