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The Cirque

The Cirque - Ryann Kerekes A bit low on the drama, this book. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it, though. But it was like, there wasn't that high point in it where everything culminates and you feel exhausted after reading it.I liked Ariel even though at times I felt she was self-centered. I think the author did a good job of portraying a naive, virginal heroine - considering how she grew up it made sense, even if I wished that she didn't go that way. I liked how she was subtle in giving Gabriel these little nudges to open up and trust her.Gabriel is a good hero - although a bit cliche, brooding, mysterious, glaring, etc. But I really liked how he was protective of Ariel in that uncreepy way. He seemed genuinely surprised that she trusted him enough to have him throw knives at her without even flinching, and it broke my heart.No insta-love in this book, yay. Their relationship slowly progresses, I'd even say at first they weren't anywhere near liking each other - she was scared of him, and he antagonized her (although we never find out why, which annoyed me). Then they slowly become friends, open up to each other, and finally become a couple, and it was really lovely to see. I felt like she was his salvation, and he was her freedom.Like I said, it's a bit low on the drama. Not just that, it was sometimes slow, and it was really easy to put down and come back to it later.I loved the way it was written even though the chemistry between Gabriel and Ariel was kind of lacking in the beginning. Some of the dialogue was stilted but it wasn't horrible. I loved all the side characters, Sasha and Tanner, Gertie the dog, even Dmitri was a decent villainous character.The conflict was believable and I loved the way the author didn't just magically fix everything but she took her time making it happen.I really thought this was going to be a clean read! But no, there's a mildly graphic sex scene towards the end - very brief.Overall, I liked this, and I definitely recommend it. The story unfolds slowly, it keeps you interested, even if it's slow at times.