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Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Darkfever  - Karen Marie Moning I've resisted reading these for a long time. I have a fear of vampire books and someone has this shelved under "vampires".Took a bit of persuasion from a friend to finally give it a shot :D And I'm glad I did.I bought the first book but then I returned it for a refund and got the five-book bundle instead. What the hell? I always do this, smh.As refreshing as it is to read an actual planned out series - where the first book was never meant to be a standalone ever, it's also a double edged sword.On the one hand, I really really enjoyed the world building and finding out things along with Mac, being as in the dark as she was about what was going on.I loved Mac (yes, despite her love for shiny, pink things). I had a brief thought that perhaps she is tstl, and... I still think so, haha. Nevertheless I loved her for how feisty and unrelenting she is in her search of her sister's murderer.Barrons took a bit or warming up to. I'm guessing this was intended. I had serious doubts about this guy.AND I HAVE A THEORY. Or theories, rather. I'd just like to lay it out that I have theories about Barrons, so when I'm right, I can say "HA! Called it."Now, on the other hand, I was bored as hell through parts of this book because, despite learning things, not much happens. A basic, introductory, world-building book. The first in a series. That's it.Hopefully with this established, the other books pick up. I'm definitely curious to see where the story goes.I did have an issue with the writing. F O R E S H A D O W I N G! Never like it in a book. Future Mac sort of tells you that the things that happen in present aren't what you think they are or what she thought. No kidding.Oh well.No graphic sex scenes but definitely some implied sex (for those who like to know these things).Okay, well. That's it from me. Onwards to the second book!