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Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack I wish I liked this more. The cover had me excited about it, but here's another reminder not to judge a book by its cover. It didn't leave me wanting more, I was glad when it ended. I didn't give it another thought, apart from writing this review. And I probably won't, unless someone asks me if it's worth reading. I didn't think so.It started out pretty good, although I was annoyed with the whole "zomg a virgin at 22!" (I just feel like there is nothing wrong with that). The first couple of chapters really promised a good read!However, after that beginning, the book slowed down so much I was constantly bored. Then it picks up in the end, and everything actually happens too fast. The last couple of chapters seemed like a recap or something.The epilogue killed me. With boredom.The characters are pretty shallow. Apart from Bliss, and it's only because we are in her head that she actually gets some dimension to her character. Even so, she is fairly uninteresting.Garrick, for example, is pretty two-dimensional to me, which is bad, because we are supposed to fall in love with him along with Bliss. I just didn't feel it. Apart from his British accent, was there anything likable about him? I really can't remember. I liked Cade way more than Garrick. I hoped beyond hope Bliss realized Cade was a better choice for her. That's how much I cared for Bliss/Garrick. Initially they had chemistry, and then it just sort of died. Usually I have this goofy smile reading H/h interaction, but here I was just...bored. Their attraction was purely physical, and oh, she loved his British accent and that's it.The writing is okay, the dialogue is okay. There were parts where I just skimmed to dialogue to see if something catches my eye. It took me forever to read it, considering how short it is. As much as I wanted to like this more, I just didn't.