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Saltwater Vampires

Saltwater Vampires - Kirsty Eagar I don't usually read vampire books - as a matter of fact, I stay away from them because they do nothing for me. It's just the fact that I'm a Kirsty Eagar fangirl that made me read this book.So maybe this book is not that special within the genre, but I absolutely loved it because it felt different. I suppose (and I always want to write I reckon after I read a Kirsty Eagar book) that if I had to step out of my comfort zone and read a vampire book, this was a good choice.Kirsty Eagar took a real event, the sinking of the East India Company ship, Batavia and the massacre that followed and added a vampire twist to it.You have a secret vampire organization, five very normal teenagers, a fatally ill man, and four really nasty vampires fighting - all against each other.I loved Jamie. He's this boy who did something he regrets, and he just can't live it down. I think it was more that he couldn't forgive himself, than everyone around him blaming him for it. His thoughts felt somehow realistic, and there was a tiny bit of hopelessness in them which made me very sympathetic to him. There was also determination which made me root for him so much. As much as he wanted to give up, he never did.Tanner was my favorite of the bunch, for reasons unknown. He was like a voice of reason to Jamie, the way he would keep him in check. I just loved him.And I loved the little story between Kelly and Jamie and hoped beyond hope that I would get at least something for rooting for them.The mutineers' plan was brilliant, actually. I found myself wondering if it would have worked if something like that happened for real and I realized that it totally would! The setting was great, I could feel the music festival excitement, and I can definitely see how something like Juice being distributed for free wouldn't have seemed suspicious to anyone!Oh, I'm kind of mad for what the author did to Sophie. She isn't a major character in the story, but my mind kept going back to her, and what would happen to her if...well, if they managed to stop the vampires. Just awful.I won't gush about Kirsty Eagar's writing, because I'm a fangirl so there's no point. I thought it was wonderful prose, and I loved that it was written from 3rd person POV. There is a bit of head-hopping which caught me off guard but I got over it. As with her other books, surfing is a big element of the story.If you are looking to get all hot and bothered over vampires, this is not the book you want to read. If you're looking to read about kickass vampire slayers, this is also not your book. Because these teens have nothing working in their favor, just pure will to survive. The book may be a bit slow but the last ten percent totally makes up for it. The suspense of what will happen next was killing me. I say I definitely loved the book and recommend it, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.