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Send - Patty Blount Wow. This was... Had I known this was so heavy maybe I wouldn't have read it.Why I even expected something lighter after reading the blurb, I don't know. Believe me, it will make you feel everything along with Dan and the feelings are not at all pleasant. Regret. Guilt. Horrible self-loathing.Dan is a good person, I can say that without doubt. The guilt he lives with was killing me. He was a thirteen year old boy - I don't think he was even capable of knowing the consequences of what he was about to do before clicking "Send". When I look back at my thirteen year old self, I can definitely tell you that I wouldn't be able to separate right from wrong in a mature way.He constantly tries to do something to redeem himself, all the while fighting with his inner demon that what he did is irredeemable. It's heartbreaking, every time things start to look up, he dreads that something will happen to bring him down, and even worse, he thinks he deserves it.I think that we are always taught to sympathize with the victim. But clearly, nothing is black and white - the perpetrator does not always have to be a monster. I guess we all make mistakes. Dan never really justifies what he did, now a new adult, he knows what he did was wrong, but can you really blame a child for such a lapse in judgement? I don't think I can, at least not in the way I would a grown-up. Dan has a family that is so loving and supportive of him, and I can't imagine what this whole thing must have felt like for them. Did they fail him as parents? And that's the thing with this story, you are just left wondering. Is he really a bad person? Was the punishment too hard for what he did considering he was just a child? Am I a bad person for thinking they should have cut him some slack? I just don't know.Julie... I just don't know how believable that was. What were the chances of her being Liam's sister? It's like some cruel joke.I was convinced it wasn't her, and kind of disappointed that the author went that way.The ending is...realistic. You are left to your own imagination to see the story off. I would love to think Dan/Kenny and Julie work it out, but is it realistic? I don't think so. There are just too many ghosts between them to be able to do it. I'm kind of sad because I just can't envision a happy ending for the two of them.I think I may need a sequel for this, just to know he's okay. I feel oddly connected to this character.Clearly, this book is thought-provoking. Sometimes it's worth hearing both sides of the story, even if your first instinct is to judge. I recommend this book, but be prepared because it's not a light, happy read.