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You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Sarra Manning I took my sweet, sweet time with this because it was so wonderful. I ~think I haven't read Sarra Manning before, but somehow I had high expectations which were not only met but exceeded!Amazing writing, great chemistry between Max and Neve - wonderful, realistic, lovable characters that you really get to know and love inside and out - and I'm not only talking about Neve, but you get to know Max so good as if the author wrote the book from his POV as well! The story grips you from the very beginning and really, I thought they were doomed because of the way how things started between them.Neve has so many body image issues (understandably) but not in an annoying way that I usually find these heroines to be. While she does wallow in self-pity and has a bit of a problem with instant-gratification, she is determined to reach her goal and finally find that happy place even if at first she has this huge misconception of what happiness should be for her. Actually, my heart was breaking for her every time she would talk in such a condescending way about herself, or let Charlotte get to her!And Max...where do I even begin? I loved him - everything I thought he would do, everything I usually expect in a book like this from the hero, he did something completely different and I loved that so much because he kept surprising me. He never really gives up on her, even when she was at her lowest (or meanest. Or stupidest.) The author completely makes you change your opinion on him from their first encounter by the end.The book spans over a time period of five months and this was great, there's none of that insta-love nonsense which makes it believable.I have to say I'm glad I gave this a chance. It's not very chick-lit-y, in my opinion it's not as light as I like them to be. There are a couple of graphic sex scenes (that are actually awesome!) so be warned if you like your chick-lit clean. Overall, a wonderful book which I would recommend everyone read!