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The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood)

The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood) - Trisha Wolfe Just to clarify, this is a 4.5 rounded up.I had the worst luck with books lately. I don't have much time to read anymore (a moment of silence for my reading time, please) and so when I finally pick something up I hope to god it's good (I almost had a breakdown yesterday when I read through half of a book only to realize it's a 100% DNF not even worthy of acknowledging I tried to read it).The Darkest Part was good! I loved the story of second-chance romance for Sam and Holden and how they got over everything keeping them apart and back to each other.The story is heartbreaking but in all of it, it keeps sort of an upbeat tone to it. I really liked that. You could feel both Sam and Holden's loss and how much they both suffer because someone so dear was taken away from them, but through all of it, it didn't make me wanna slit my wrists. It kind of gave me hope, more than anything, that these two people can help each other out.Now I'll admit, I had doubts. Reading the blurb it gave me a familiar vibe... a book I really really didn't like. Funny enough, it's why I have this book a chance. That and, well, I love road trip books (they can be a hit and miss, but I still always enjoy them).I loved Sam, I loved Holden. I especially loved Holden! Cause he was this broody tortured artist and he's not a bad boy per se. I found his character to be really interesting. He's equal part sweet and alpha and just... an overall nice guy with troublesome past.The two brothers and Sam have a complicated history, a lot of secrets buried and I was dying to know this big dark secret. It crossed my mind, hey. I even told my friend I had that theory. But I think the author did a good job of keeping it shush until the very end.I have a special place for books that make me feel for dead characters - I distance myself from them immediately because I don't like to get attached. So when I feel a dead character is very much an active part of the story, and get attached to them like I did with Tyler. I loved it. I was really sad that he was dead, and I was mourning him along with Sam.What I really liked is that she never downplays the relationship she had with him. Despite her past with Holden (and present), despite everything she finds out about him, she never thinks how her relationship with Tyler was any less than it was.I loved that so much.Wow, this review turned really long.Okay, I loved the writing, loved the characters, the biker girls (lol) and I think, what struck me most about this book is that was realistic in a way... Sam did act crazy and Holden never found lame excuses for it. He saw it for what it is.There are a couple of graphic scenes of sexual nature in the book, for those who like to know these things.So, why the half star off? I thought the ending was a bit...rushed and over the top. The whole mystery about Tyler's death, I felt like it wasn't that... wow. You know.I'm gonna wrap this up, lol. I thought it was a good road trip book. And Holden was awesome, I loved the romance. I do recommend this book if you're looking for a good second-chance romance book.