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More Than This (More, #1)

More Than This (More, #1) - Jay McLean edit: $1.99 sale over the weekend!!! Linkie Link.Let's be clear that I'm rating the story. I know the book is being edited atm, so I'll let it slide :).On a night Mikayla's life changes in every way imaginable, she meets Jake.Insta love made sense to me. Through it all he's like an anchor to her, keeping her grounded, being that lifeline for her. These two have great chemistry, too, and I loved their relationship. It wasn't the intense/must-have-NAO thing, more like...sweet and simmering and just waiting to boil. Loved it.In this sense, I think, if I had to compare this to another book, it would be [b:Callum & Harper|13122965|Callum & Harper (Sleepless, #1)|Fisher Amelie|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1322521960s/13122965.jpg|18298587].I loved Callum & Harper.I also had a major issue with them not talking to each other.Same thing I had an issue with in this book. I just wanted to sort of imaginary tie them together and be like "Okay, now talk! Say things."Jake was the perfect swoon-worthy hero, which is something everyone who told me to read this book promised. I was never worried he might do something to piss me off, not even for a second. From the first moment he sees that Kayla needs someone, he's it for her. I loved it! Loved it so freaking much that there was never a DOUBT in my mind about his integrity. More books need heroes like these. Like, lots more books. Lots!Oh, I breezed through this book, it's so very readable! The characters are likable, and all shades of gray, like even the cheating boyfriend was more than just a cheating boyfriend (not a spoiler).I loved all of Jake's friends. Dylan and Heidi, drunk Lucy was my fave. Logan, I wanna read your story and am so so happy it's being written. I'm hoping it won't be too heartbreaking. I was so onto you, Logan. I knew your secret! I also may be partial to characters named Logan. Always like them.The writing is engaging and equal parts sad/funny/sweet/cute. It's told in dual POV which I appreciated A LOT because it switches POV just at the right time.Some major feels from this book, seriously.For those who care, there are a couple of mildly graphic sex scenes ;). I must say I didn't expect them... for some reason. But they weren't overdone and I think it suited the story.Okay, overall? Read this book. I'm pretty confident once it's all edited and prettied up it will be a great read! As it is, I still didn't mind it too much - the typos and grammar errors, they weren't that distracting. The story is actually so good, it completely overshadowed that. So, yeah. Basically, I recommend.