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Charade - Nyrae Dawn Charade is anything but a light read. Both main characters have heavy issues which actually make sense, and they work together to overcome them. I don't think they even realize in the beginning how much they need someone to rely on. At times it's frustrating, at times it's sweet, but mostly it's just heartbreaking.Chey and Colt are so different that I thought the only relationship they could have is the one they fabricate in the beginning. But really, this book is not about pretending to be together. Over time they become best friends, each other's comfort and they fall in love. It's an opposites attract story where you realize they weren't as opposite as they seem at first.What I really liked was all the honesty. I know they both kept saying that it's all a game, but in my eyes, they weren't really playing any games. Never once do they pretend or lie to each other, and when they fall in love they still stay honest and play along with their feelings instead of creating some major drama that separates them.This is so rare in romance, I kept expecting it - some "big misunderstanding" or that they would run off scared, and the author could have so easily fallen into that trap to separate them but she never does and I love her for it. This has the same appeal as Her Best Worst Mistake has for me, because the characters don't let go of the good thing they have.Nyrae Dawn deals with the subjects of abandonment and a dying parent in a respectful way. Colt's feelings watching his mother dying seemed a logical reaction. He is disgusted with himself but can't help it. I wouldn't either. Chey has abandonment issues and keeps everyone at arm's length. Both are deep characters that change during the events of the book, and it's perfectly believable.The writing is simple but effective. There is nothing I would add or take away. The pace is perfect. The final chapters had me silently weeping.This is my first time reading a Nyrae Dawn book. I like the way she writes and I will definitely be reading more of her.