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Great Exploitations (Mischief in Miami, #1)

Great Exploitations (Mischief in Miami, #1) - Nicole  Williams In case you read the blurb for this novella, it is not what you'll be reading about.As a matter of fact, at the time the "wealthiest client" comes into the picture, you'll already be done with it. And what a coincidence! I love life's little (or big) coincidences in books. Very believable.So, basically, I was fooled into reading a book about a client our Sienna (not a real name) couldn't step away from.I got a story telling you what the Eves were all about. A different client. A different "Errand".The blurb is a very short recap of the novella.I'm giving it an extra star because Sienna's character has some depth to it. I get what the author tried to do here.It was definitely different - you don't have a hero to root for, and the heroine isn't really likable but I'm sure that was the author's intention.There's a sex scene I'd rather not have read, because - what was the point? I couldn't have cared less about Mr. Silva. And in the end I didn't even get to see him get busted.I actually kept expecting he'd turn into the hero of the story. Don't hold your breath for it.And while I'm sure the story that will follow will be fairly good, I won't be reading it. Nicole Williams just might be an author that doesn't suit me, and that's it. By the amount of good reviews for this 90ish page novella, people love it.So, I say still give it a chance.