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Code Red

Code Red - Amy Noelle Awwww. It's been a while since I've read some chick-lit.Though I have to say that I really enjoyed this, it wasn't because of the stereotypical heroine with commitment-issues. Nicole has been hurt and she and her best friends vowed never to let anyone hurt them again like that. Can I just say that, while I could sympathize with her, I just didn't see what the barely-out-of-teens jerk did worth all those walls she built around herself, but eh... it created the conflict which is more than some other books I've read.While her best friends grew out of it, she keeps living that closed off life filled with meaningless one-night-stands. The only constant in life are her two cats and four best friends. And Dean Winchester. I liked that she was a Dean girl - though I don't watch Supernatural, from the few episodes I saw, I liked him more.Anywhoo... she works writing manuals for electronics and I though that was such a quirky, interesting job for a heroine.The job has her working on a project with Josh Daniels, a real chick-litty hero (and I really love chick-lit heroes). He's nice, funny, sweet, an all around charmer, no weird/intense past, no controlling/commitment issues - he's just so normal and I thought he was absolutely perfect (and incredibly patient with her juvenile temper-tantrums that annoyed the hell out of me).Josh is basically what made this book for me, and that's saying a lot seeing as I had a tough time connecting with him in the beginning and I just didn't get to know him that well. But then the author reveals his character and I really loved him!Oh, I have to add - he doesn't growl "Mine." Or growl at all. Well, maybe once. Ah... it was such a pleasure reading about him.What did I like the most about this book? The humanity of it. People talk things out, people don't let other people give up on them and invent problems just for the sake of drama and I liked how realistic it was in portraying that. When things happened, Josh acted realistically to me. Nicole's friends were awesome and gave her good advice, I think.These heroines are actually all my age and I felt that I connected with them all, even though I was annoyed by some of the things Nicole did and said and thought. She just seemed so juvenile for her age. I said that already, though.The writing is funny and engaging and overall it's a nice feelgood romantic comedy. I did think it was a bit heavy on the dialogue, but it didn't feel forced so I was okay with that. Again, awesome hero, and I thought the supporting characters were great.There's a little sub-plot with Nicole's best friend and Josh's best friend which I found myself really caring about. I hoped to see more of the two of them.Some mildly graphic sex scenes in this, which I thought the story could have done without.I'd recommend it if you're looking for a lighter read and a laugh.Shame about the cover, though. I really don't like it.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.