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Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1)

Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers, #1) - Calia Read For some reason I had really high expectations for this. I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it and I really hoped the book is just as good.Severine is an independent and strong young woman, but I can see how her world was turned upside down when she met the Sloan brothers. She has all these walls built up around her, and I totally blame the mother - nobody should go through their life that cut off from the world. I really liked her even if at some point I wanted to smack her on the head repeatedly. I just didn't get her in that way - why she went for Mac instead of Thayer in the first place. It was pretty obvious they were meant to be but okay.I liked Mac in the beginning. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I liked him in the whole book. Macsen has issues, and I can't even begin to explain how heartbreaking it was finally learning the story of Sloan family and why they were so at each other, but Macsen is the one that I think carried the heaviest burden of them all. So in the end I really felt for him even when I tried not to. I actually loved Severine and Macsen together, they had an easy relationship. He has this calm about his character that just seemed to work for Severine's.Thayer, on the other hand, is just so intense, a complete opposite. The chemistry between him and Severine was amazing! I swear the sparks were flying from my reader. And once they finally got together it was everything I thought it would be! They were so real with each other, I loved that - and I kept wishing Severine would just let go of all her doubts and indecision and go for it. The second half of the book is my more favorite half, I have to say. Everything about him was wonderful. My favorite scene is probably the whole basketball game bit! I went back to re-read that when I was done.And I was so pleased with the ending! Like I said, to me, these two were really meant to be and I was glad when they found their way back to each other.I'm not usually a fan of siblings-in-love-triangles stories for obvious reasons but I'll say I really loved this. The writing style is...can I just take a wild guess that English is not author's mother language? I'm trying to check it on her site and here on GR but there's nothing about where she's from. I'm not guessing this just because of the writing but also because there were a couple of references that a European would make...but I could be way off base here.Anyways, it was very simplistic in style but I didn't mind one bit - I'll take a short and simple sentence over a never-ending one every day of the week. Honestly, sometimes all the flowery writing can get exhausting, so this was refreshing to read - and it's somehow unique, too. I've never read something like this. The dialogue, for example, is great in this sense. I'd quote some things here but I'm afraid they're spoilerish.Overall I'd say that if you love a good love triangle, a strong female character, and two swoon worthy heroes, then I definitely recommend this! The author gives you a couple of teasers for the sequel - and now I'm dying here wondering what will happen. I'll be super mad if... she ruins Severine/Thayer for me!!! So let's just agree you won't do that to me, Calia Read. So yeah, looking forward to the next book.