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Up In Flames

Up in Flames - Nicole  Williams I wanted to like this book, so much. As a matter of fact, when I learned about it, it sounded so good, I went around telling people "This is gonna be SO good!"Well, it wasn't. It was just another piece of smut, which seems to have infiltrated the new adult genre. The story had potential - good girl with a wild streak, trying to please everyone and forgetting herself. Unfortunately, the heroine is a cheater, the hero has no personality, there's insta-love, and the story was basically about her losing her virginity to "the other guy" while still being in a relationship with her boyfriend.Nobody likes a cheating heroine. Even worse, Elle is a cheater that makes excuses for herself. The way she treated Logan was so low, pretending everything is fine while going behind his back.Actually, I don't know what to say about her. She was judgmental, hypocritical and whiny. I wouldn't want her as my friend.She complains about her life all the time, but then you learn she never even told anyone what she did want and you just can't feel sorry for her.I liked Logan. Yeah, he was a bit...prim? But I'm confident that if she told him how she felt, exactly, he would have done things differently. Instead, she lets him live his illusion that they're good the way they are. It's no wonder that he is so ignorant to her unhappiness. The way she spoke about him, safe, comfortable and a tad boring, was probably what bothered me the most. Why are you with him if you feel this way? It's cruel. WHY? I didn't care about Cole. That's all I have to say about him.This was the lamest love triangle I have ever read. I just didn't care about the whole thing.There was no depth to anything, no depth to the story, no depth to the characters. I can't even say if I liked the way it was written because I just didn't care. I skimmed the sex scenes.It may be that this just wasn't my kind of story, and I think I may be in the minority (again). I'm just so disappointed because I had really high expectations. It's a fairly short read, so give it a chance and decide for yourself.