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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2)

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher I just finished this in four hours. That must be a new record for me, but yeah, the book is short-ish, too.I'll just start off by saying that if you're expecting another The Opportunist, it's not that. I found that book to be emotionally exhausting at all times. This one...not so much. But I have no doubt that the next one will be, apparently it's from Caleb's POV.Caleb is not a good guy, unless he's with Olivia, and even then, I doubt his nice-guy act. I've gone from loving him, to hating him, to pure and utter distrust towards everything he does or says. He is just as manipulative and bad as Olivia is. I'm thinking he is poison to her, not the other way around. Or as Leah is. He is definitely her poison. To me, he is the villain of both these books.I didn't hate Leah. I hated that I didn't hate her, because I feel as if I'm letting someone down. I didn't hate her in the first book, she fought for what she wanted however misguided she was in that want. I understand her now, why she wanted him so much. I was hoping that by the end she would realize how she deserved so much better than him. I don't love her, either, for this same reason. I actually hurt for her, so much. How desperate she was to just get anything from Caleb, and he didn't give her even that. Obviously she has other men's affection, but she chose the one that is as emotionally closed off as the woman he is pining for is.And I am terribly worried about her because of the epilogue. Heck, I can say that even though I didn't become a diehard Leah fan, I loved her in this. She bares her soul to you and she is so broken. You can feel what Caleb's betrayal does to her.Love is illogical. You fall into it like a manhole. Then you're just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.Do I want Caleb and Olivia together? No. No. No. No. Maybe the two of them make sense, maybe they are meant to be, but ugh, he is such an asshole. She just found happiness. I have a good feeling he won't let her be.And yes. Of course, yes, I want them together. They don't deserve it, in my eyes, but I want to be my optimistic self and think that true love beats anything and everything. Because they make sense. They are meant to be.Yeah, this review could probably use a chill pill. I just keep thinking of all the missed opportunities and UGH. Tarryn Fisher puts her characters through hell.The ending...yeah. I was hoping things would turn out that way.I don't like children in love stories. They make everything difficult. This sets him free. I hope beyond all hope this time he fights for Olivia and doesn't give up on her the way he did before. I don't think I can take another round of their highs and lows.edit: After giving it some though, I think she's lying. Estella is Caleb's daughter.I didn't see the Seth bomb coming, at all! I do think he's the baby daddy, now. That would be great, if Leah finally had someone who deserves her. Someone who sees her, as he says it.Maybe Sam? I liked Sam. He knows exactly who she is ans she doesn't hide it from him.For those who hate Leah - you won't change your mind about her by much. For those who love her - you'll still love her. For those who were neutral, like me, you will definitely warm up to her. She is horrible, a horrible wife, a horrible mother, a deceiving bitch. But she is a good person. She is in love, and it's the obsessive kind. I get it. I just. I hoped she would realize she's worth more, you know?Anyways, Tarryn Fisher manages to give her a different voice than Olivia. I liked that. I love the way she writes. We get another glimpse in Caleb's mind. So close, they were so close. There are some beautiful quotes from this. They mostly come from Caleb.If you loved the first book, but are afraid to read this because it's from Leah's POV, don't be. It's just as wonderful, although with a little less emotional impact, unless you're a Leah fan. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.edit: I might come back to this review as soon as I sort my feelings into something coherent.Oh, about Caleb cheating.I had a theory that he didn't cheat. Because he never really admits to it. He doesn't clear it up, at all, in this book - with that vague "Yes. No." answer - but he hints at it. I still think he had some hidden agenda to use that event to push Olivia in the right direction and make her realize she does love him.Obviously, he went about it the wrong way, and it backfired. I can't wait for this to be cleared up, as painful as it may be to realize all of that heartbreak was due to the-big-misunderstanding.