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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)

The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher I had some free time yesterday that turned into a free night because I couldn't put this down.Olivia. I just loved Olivia. When you love a scheming, lying, manipulative bitch like her character is, you know you're reading a good book! What I liked about her is that she knows the kind of person she is. She doesn't make any excuses for herself. It's just the way she is.I'd say she even blows it out of proportions at times. Obsession is a weird thing.Like the abortion. I think Jessica would have done it either way. Or when she reacted badly to Caleb cheating on her. I'd be half-mad, too, although not as extreme.Caleb was such a fun character. I loved him when he was younger, I loved him when he meets her again in the music shop. I kind of called on the whole amnesia thing early-on. Something just didn't add up, and he sort of gave clues about it. He called her Duchess, and he gave her her favorite flowers. If you add that to the whole hiring her as Leah's lawyer, he is a scheming bastard, too, I think.Together they were so good. I mean, Olivia does have some major issues, and he was always there for her, and they were so good together, from that very first meeting by the tree until the very end. She needed a savior. He was it.Until he cheated on her. I will not make excuses for him! I think he knew that that was their end, too. That he was to blame for their end, and not her throwing herself on the first person she met when she left. It seemed that he was blaming himself when they were in that hotel room. He knew he did wrong, she was just reacting. And he hurt her.But here's the thing - it's hard loving someone and always feeling like they don't love you back the same way - and not even because she can't, but because she didn't want to! Yeah, she was broken but he did nothing to make her think he would make it worse. He was sweet, caring, patient. I think in the end he gave up on her and them. It broke my heart that he did that, but really, I think she would never have changed if he didn't.And after everything that happened on that camping trip and everything, she was still the same. She ran away, the coward! I hated her for leaving. It's not like she had anything to lose if she told him the truth, and we know he already knew everything anyways. He should have told her! I hated him for not telling her, for not looking for her harder after she left. Their love was such a waste at this point.And after learning that he eventually did marry Leah, I gave up on them, too. Too late. Some things you don't get over, and I really didn't think they will recover from this. I saw the ending way before it happened. I knew they won't end up together. I didn't think they deserved to, either. They should have fought harder for their love, they didn't deserve a happily ever after.Still, when they had that final conversation in Rome, my heart shattered into a million little pieces. It was so final. I felt such strong resentment toward Caleb at that point. He just gave up on them, AGAIN. And to Olivia, because she let him, AGAIN.Actually, the whole Rome thing was disgusting. Caleb should not be in love with Leah. He shouldn't have been so happy on that balcony with her. He was deceptive towards Leah, as well as Olivia. This is when I finally decided, he is not worthy of either of them, I think. He may have been a good person before, but this settled it for me. That was just low.What pains me is that the whole thing could have been avoided if only they just talked about it. I hate it when I want to scream at characters - TALK. PLEASE TALK. PLEASE, PLEASE TALK. And they never did. Both of them just settled for the second best. But I'm torn. I'm a HEA kind of person, and at the same time I was reasoning that love should conquer all.The bittersweet ending just about killed me.This is a pretty severe reaction from me, that's why this whole review is just a bunch of scattered ramblings. I'm still thinking about it, and it's breaking my heart. I effing loved this book. I didn't expect to like it, though. The blurb put me off, but thanks to a friend here (hi Michele!) urging me to read it, I did. And I'm glad.The prose is beautiful and skillful, you can see the different levels of maturity in Olivia at different times. You almost feel as obsessed as she is. I felt everything, without being told what to think and feel. It's full of twists and turns you don't see coming. The dialogue was natural and kept the whole thing fast paced.I see that the sequel is from Leah's POV and continuing the story from where it left off. I didn't exactly hate Leah. She was neither the villain, nor the heroine to me. I hope I get to decide on that in that sequel. So, I'll be reading it. And I hope the Caleb/Olivia story is over. I can't invest myself in their self-destructive relationship again. Maybe I will wait for a couple of reviews before I read it. Probably not.Expected publication: December 28th 2012Please tell me this is the correct publication date. Is it December, yet? I don't think I can wait that long!