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Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3)

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher 3.5. I rounded up initially, but you know what? I don't care.So, is this a record? I read a book in less than four hours.All I can say is, thank eff this is finally over.So long, Caleb and Olivia, you will haunt my book nightmares forever.Here's to never getting into a series like this again.edit: Okay, cooled off today - writing a proper review.The brilliance of The Opportunist - for me - was that it had everything that makes me NOT want to read a book, I was warned about it, I still read it and I freaking loved it for the way these stupid black words on white background made me feel all the ~feels. Like, legit, it's probably the most frustrating book I have ever read.Caleb was this Mythical Creature that was ALL and EVERYTHING and I was dying to get into his head. So imagine my happiness when I learned Thief is all Caleb's POV.Sidenote: he's blond. He says it. You'd never guess from the guy on the cover, but okay. WTF cover guy? Doesn't matter you're hot, you're still not Caleb. Though, I bet, after reading this book, you wouldn't want to be.Let's talk about overgrown teenagers who let their pride ruin their (and others') lives. Or, you know, Caleb.Truth is I actually did warm up to him in this book, at least more than I did in the other books. That being said, I expected him to be so much more. Like, what is it about Caleb Drake that made these women go cray-cray? The answer? They're just cray-cray. Nothing to do with Caleb Drake, he just has weird taste in women. He says it himself.Let's talk about the story. More back and forth. More weird things. A whole lotta hoovering. Halfway through the book she just throws whatever she can at them. It doesn't end - literally, in epilogue, she does it some more.Look, when an author... uh, how do I say it without spoiling anything? Ah well, I'll spoiler tag it. When an author placates the readers, I wish they would at least DO IT RIGHT. Give me butterflies and sunshine and shit like that.I hate bittersweet epilogues riddled with even more tragedies more than anything else in the world.Still, I didn't hate this book. It had sweet moments that made me awwwwwww and some funny moments that made me LOL. It had a moment that made me cry, too.I guess I just expected it to be... wow. Can I say better and not have my head sliced off? Can I? Cause that's what I want to say. I wanted it to be ALL and EVERYTHING, kinda like Caleb, but in the end, I didn't get it, nor did I get that Caleb.So there we go. Over and finished and I guess I'm relieved it's finally done. Hence my initial reaction. I could have done without, honest. If this is what I get, three books written on basis of the-big-freaking-misunderstanding, because, you know, ppl don't talk. I could have so done without.You know things are bad when I wish he actually cheated on her.Better rip my heart out than leave me indifferent like this.Speaking of which.I called this supposed "twist" after reading the first book - not even kidding, I think I made quite a few comments with my theories and this is the one I held on to the most.And OH-MY-GOD the way Caleb just thought it was okay that she went to Noah, tried to start this family with him, and when it all failed she came back to him - like she was just settling with him. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? He loved her so it's okay that he's second best. My god. Both of them hahahahahahhaa, what a joke.Okay, if I continue with this review I may even lower my rating so I'll just wrap it up before things escalate.Oh, for ppl who like to know these things - some mildly graphic sex scenes in this book.Overall. So long and thanks for all the fish.