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Waiting for You

Waiting for You - Shey Stahl These two people are poison for each other. And the worst part is, they weren't, they just turned ugly somewhere along the way.But let me start from the beginning.For the first 50-60% of this book it was amazing. A very sweet love story about a rebel boy and a good girl that's finally gotten out of her cage. It was right up there with some of my favorite reads. Yeah, Bailey annoyed me a bit, but it was nothing I couldn't get over. I loved Dylan, I loved him.I was willing to ignore numerous, and I mean numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes*. I was willing to ignore that in the majority, it was a smutty book. I was willing to ignore that on every single page someone was cussing, the F-bomb being dropped like it's just another word. I was willing to ignore how distracting it was that the author would switch from present to past tense back to present, all within the same sentence. The sudden switch to Dylan's POV after four chapters and than it's back to Bailey again until almost two thirds through when you get to be in Dylan's head again.Actually, now that I'm listing all of this, I probably wouldn't have ignored it. I'm going over my notes and... yeah. But that's not the point. The story was beautiful and had so much potential, and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the writing that I think could have been amazing after some polishing&nipping&tucking (and the book is $2.99. I've just read an impeccable $0.99 book before this one). There was great chemistry between Dylan and Bailey that made me really think that these two were it for each other.And for those 60%, I would have given it a good rating and a stellar review. Now, I feel like I'm being generous. The only thing worse than a bad book is a good book ruined by... I don't even know what that was.Bailey gets a personality transplant and starts being a true I-made-him-do-it victim. Dylan turns downright psychotic. The breaking-down-doors-beating-up-guys-that-look-at-her-get-a-restraining-order kind of psychotic. I kept waiting for their "dangerous love" to become a real abusive relationship. And that I can't ignore.He says so many hurtful things to her. And she just lets him. I was... stunned at this turn of events. What was his problem, really? There's a difference between being possessive and being just plain crazy. The guy is obsessed with her to the point that he can't stand anyone talking to her. Do girls really like this? I'm a girl, and I would have probably ran as far away as I could from that psycho. Seriously, he breaks down doors, "punishes" her by making her give him a blowjob (no, she actually says he forced her head down, and she was crying after she was done. Seriously.) He turns really vindictive at times. No love is worth this shit.She, on the other hand... she says things like "I know how he will react when he sees this, so I stay away from Nate." (I'm paraphrasing here. But you get the point.)He could fuck you up with one look. I’d been on the receiving end of that look before.When you come to a realization like this about your boyfriend... that's a red flag. Because god knows what he will fuck you up with tomorrow.So much drama! SO. MUCH. DRAMA. THAT. COULD. HAVE. BEEN. AVOIDED. I'm guessing the author wanted angst? You had angst while it was still a sweet story! Why do that to them? I couldn't even root for them in the end because I was thinking "good riddance". I actually laughed hysterically in the end because... here we go again. These two are not healthy for each other.And then, of course, the book was just way too long for the story it told. It was mostly too long because Bailey would go on, and on, and on, about some epiphanies of hers, or reflecting on things that absolutely make no sense in that given moment, it was like the author just wanted to throw some mature wisdom to fill out the pages. I found myself skimming these parts. And I would have ignored it all.For me, this book was a major letdown. Not because I expected something amazing and then didn't get it, but because I had gotten something amazing and then it was taken away from me. I actually mourned Dylan for the remainder of this book.Still, I see what all the hype is about. It's a very intense love story, and I get why people love it. I just wish the author didn't give the term "character development" a whole new meaning while writing it.I am sorry. Some things I'm just not good enough at ignoring.* If there is one thing that screws up with my reading a book, it's improper use of punctuation.Also, punctuation in direct speech. For the love of everything, please, please get it right. This is elementary school stuff.