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Vain - Fisher Amelie NEW COVER! Absolutely gorgeous and much more fitting. I love authors that pay attention to what their readers think.I feel like I should write this out now, before I fully collect my thoughts because I'm afraid I'll forget something. I finished this in...oh - six hours? Ish. After waiting for three days for it to be released. Ish. (I almost sent hate mail to Amazon.)I've eagerly awaited this book ever since it was announced. I had no idea what it's about, but you must understand something. I'm a Fisher Amelie fangirl. I eat up every sentence of her beautiful writing, conveying so much emotion with every single word. She is so amazingly talented I can truly say she is one of my favorite authors, and if she wrote about ducks swimming in a pond, I'd read it and love it and tell everyone they had to read it.But this is so much better than that (though I have no doubt she would make that good, too).Sophie Price is exactly what the title says. Vain. To her and her family, keeping up appearances is the most important thing. Sophie doesn't care about what's inside, as long as everyone bows to her outside. I really felt for her - she has no real friends, she is way too mature for her age, she lives her life scheming against the people that surround her, and she is so, so desperately unhappy it made my heart ache for her. Seeing the change in her, the difference between the Sophie at the beginning and Sophie at the end - it was overwhelming. I was stupid happy for her.I loved Ian so much. I really don't know what to say about him and not sound fangirlish. He has faults, but he is just human. He is an incredibly good person, so selfless and caring. Oh, it's refreshing reading a hero that doesn't play the neanderthal possessive jerk role. I actually swooned at everything he did. What he's doing in Uganda, what they both did, it immediately redeemed them for every bit of their past sins in my eyes. He has them just as much as Sophie does.“The shortest distance between two points is the line from me to you.”They start of rocky, these two. At first, he's antagonizing her so much I felt like there's no way he was the hero of this story. Like I should expect Spencer to come after her and then things will start happening (sidenote: I absolutely loved Spencer). But the chemistry between Ian and Sophie is undeniable, even then. She is acutely aware of him and everything about him, and we are subtly shown that he's not so unaffected by her either. I loved the way they slowly fall in love. There is nothing superficial about it. It was so profound, definitely beyond the good looks and the fact that they were forced to spend time together. They see each other for who they really are.This book is devoid of sex scenes as all her other books I've read are.In [b:VAIN|16137702|Vain|Fisher Amelie|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1352472957s/16137702.jpg|21966987], she deals with a very heavy topic of the Lord's Resistance Army operating in Africa (I'm sure everyone's at least seen the Kony2012 documentary on Youtube, so you're probably familiar with it), mainly orphans in Uganda and she paints a vivid picture of what is going on over there. I won't lie, it got to me. She doesn't flinch from showing it all, the blood and gore, either. She sends a clear message - people need to wake up and stop being purposefully ignorant. What I like the most is that she isn't preachy at all.I would gush about her writing, but I already did this before so I'll just say, it's beautiful. She creates a colorful cast of amazing characters. She makes you feel what she wants you to feel. The dialogue and character interactions were natural. The conflict is believable. As usually, she writes a few thrilling scenes that have you gripping the edge of your seat. You feel like you're taking this journey of self-discovery right along with Sophie. You get to know Ian through and through, even though it's all from Sophie's POV. That's powerful writing right there. But I'm biased. Like I said, I'm a fan.I have to say, maybe it's because it's my most anticipated release, but it may be one of the best books I've read this year. It is definitely my favorite of 2012. I couldn't find a fault to it. I was worried there, for a minute or so, that it wouldn't deliver because I've made it up in my mind to be some sort of masterpiece before I even read a word of it. It did deliver, though. It's so refreshingly different and it makes you feel. I definitely recommend it.edit: I might come back to this review if I think of more things to say. Even though this review is ridiculously long right now, I keep coming up with new things to add to it.