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The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1)

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1) - Jessica Sorensen I fell in love with this cover, but now I love it even more because it fits the book so much. It's absolutely gorgeous.I'm overwhelmed with all the ~feels about this right now. As long as I don't think about how it ends (or doesn't), I love this book. But more about that later.The story pulls you in right from the beginning, you can tell right away that it will be one hell of a ride with these two. It's a bit heavy, everyone has issues in this, but it's nothing over-the-top. I love the way it's written, it's perfectly paced, the characters are wonderful and real, and the author managed to give the main characters completely different voices. There's awesome chemistry between Kayden and Callie, but you also love them with Luke and Seth.I just wanted to hug Kayden. I hated the way he deals with his life - even if it made sense, and that's what makes it so sad. It's horrible when someone who should be your biggest comfort fails you like that. I'm not talking just about his father, but his whole family, and everyone that turned their backs to what was happening. It's no wonder he just wants to shut himself off.Callie's story has been told many, many times before, but it gets me every time when I read about things like these. My heart kept breaking for her, it's bad enough that it happened, but to keep it all in like that...I have to wonder how did nobody see what it did to her? How can parents ignore the fact that their child changes overnight?And who did this to her? Jessica Sorensen reveals the story slowly, however, she does heavily hint at it in the beginning and I figured it out so it didn't come as a big surprise.The title makes so much sense. I loved the slow progress of their relationship, the subtle buildup of sexual tension and the change in their feelings towards the other. These two broken people that heal each other, I always love stories like these. They have this connection and you just know they'll be good for each other.I didn't read anything by this author before, although I did plan on it sometime. I'm curious about her other work now.The ending? Yeah, abrupt, a huge cliffhanger which might make you curse - it felt more like an end of a chapter, so I can't even say there is an ending of this book and it left me pretty unsatisfied that the story basically didn't finish.I really hope we don't have to wait too long to see where the story goes, though.Edit: after a lot of thinking, I am taking a star off this review because of the ending.