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Someone to Love

Someone to Love - Addison Moore This turned out to be completely different from what I thought it would be! Seriously, when I read the first couple of pages I said to my friend it's smut.I mean, it felt like it from the prologue! Well, it's not. Yeah, there's a lot of sex of all kinds, but it's a really sweet story about two people falling in love.Something amazing is happening — something meaningful and real.First I want to say that this was beautiful writing - I was drinking up every sentence. Absolutely beautiful. I haven't read this author before, but the way she writes, it pulls you into the story and you lose yourself in it.I loved the whole concept of this - playing the player. That's brilliant. It's written in dual POV, and the author manages to give two distinct voices to Kendall and Cruise.And it has everything, steam, love, a little bit of drama, it's laced with wonderful humor, there's a villainous ex-girlfriend you love to hate.Yeah, there are a lot of sex scenes but I was surprised they were more descriptive in that tasteful way rather than graphic. It is most definitely not smut, and I apologize to the author for making assumptions.Kendall is so awesome. She is smart, down-to-earth, and has an insane sense of humor. I loved it how she didn't play all high and mighty around Cruise and didn't fight their attraction. She's feisty! And that's exactly what lands her in this little agreement she makes with Cruise. HA! I figured out her agenda right at the beginning.Oh, Cruise. He has this perverse mind I loved to read! Seriously, some of the things he comes up with... But he's also incredibly sweet and romantic. He didn't over think, panic, or run from falling in love, he just went with it. He's like a nice guy in bad boy disguise. It caught me off guard when I learned the whole truth about Blair - his character made so much sense then!This is what I imagined love would be like, the beauty of the landscape luring you in then the surprise of the flames as you burn under the guise of your own foolishness.I'll come right out and say it - there's a bit of too intense, too fast in this! Did it bother me? Absolutely not! It was wonderful. It was also helped by the fact that they don't jump each other's bones the second they meet. Or long after that. It's a feelgood romance, I was grinning like a loon the whole time. I loved that it doesn't end on confessions of true love. You actually get to witness these two as a real, declared couple - something a lot of romance books deprive us of.I'll say something else, it has another one of my biggest pet-peeves: the big misunderstanding. But it made sense! I just wish they talked more, I have to wonder, do people really go around making assumptions and rash decisions based on what they see without talking (to the person they love) first? Why is this news to me?The fact that I loved, absolutely loved, this book despite these two things should tell you a lot. About this book. About the author. Read it!