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A Toast to the Good Times

A Toast to the Good Times - Steph Campbell, Liz Reinhardt I've been waiting for this! Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt (I already wrote just how much I adore her writing) should write ALL!BOOKS!EVER together. I dare say I liked it even more than [b:Lengths|15750790|Lengths (Lengths, #1)|Steph Campbell|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1343365302s/15750790.jpg|21444871] for one simple reason: it's all from Landry's POV and this is so rare in YA/NA fiction that you can't help but savor every single word of it like it's something precious. (But rest assured that Deo is still my favorite between the two characters.)I just loved being in Landry's head. I was so sad for how alone he was in the beginning. You can see that he's a nice guy, it's just that he's still a guy - and that's what they're like. He's made mistakes and he has regrets and I really liked this whole journey from a self-absorbed boy who refuses to admit he's all grown up to the proper man that he is in the end. Sometimes you just need to pull your sh*t together, and own up to your mistakes and he did just that.Mila - I think a lot of girls will relate to her. She's a bookish, nerdy, genuinely sweet girl and you know what I really liked? The fact that she just decides to take matters into her own hands in the beginning of the book. You can see she's going to go for it. And when she comes after him you can see that she won't let him walk all over her and be a jerk just because she's in love with him.They have this really effortless relationship in the beginning that gives you this friends vibe, but there's also obvious chemistry between them, and it's wonderful how they made it so that the reader can see it but Landry is completely oblivious to it - he's just such a guy!Though if I'm honest, I thought the book would be all about reconnecting with Toni, at least that's the impression I got from the blurb, so I had to actually switch teams when I saw where the story was headed, but I was okay with it because I loved Mila instantly!There are two or three sex scenes, but they are not so much in-your-face-graphic (not that I'd mind) as they are descriptive. Really really loved them.The story is the perfect holiday read because the book is this huge box of mush-mush sweetness and you just can't help but feel good about in the end. It leaves you all content and happy with a huge grin on your face. I devoured it in a couple of hours.I loved all the Star Wars, Firefly (and there were even !DR WHO!) references throughout the book. So this book was so worth the wait. Everyone needs to read this wonderful story.