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Falling - Jolene Perry, Mia Josephs I'm smiling like a lunatic right now. Maybe I should give it a couple of days for all these ~feels to sink in and then write a coherent review, but I don't feel like it. There are love stories, and then there are love stories.It starts out one way, and then it takes a complete different turn. My memory was a bit hazy on the blurb, so I found myself warming up to Craig guy because I have this habit of making sure who the hero should be and then rooting for him from the beginning, in order not to get disappointed in the end (I feel like I'm admitting to some sort of a crime here). So I read just the beginning of blurb again, it says Craig something, and there I was, absolutely loving the sleazy prick Craig. I'm thinking, maybe he will have some redeeming qualities? Surely, he will. He's the hero!And then Jolene Perry did something no other author ever did to me. She changed my mind. Once I set my mind on who the heroine should end up with, it's pretty hard to do. Impossible, even. Never happened before.The romance is so subtle at first. It's perfect. I often complain about how authors do the whole "love at first sight" thing and I just wish they would get over it already. Talk about unrealistic expectations about love. I find that it's much more enjoyable just reading about characters falling in love over time. And this is exactly what I got reading Falling.I'm happy because...she did it so effortlessly. So there you have it. It's possible!Both Dana and Jason are such great characters. I can't even talk about them separately, because to me, they were just so perfect together. Dana has a past that we don't really find out about from the beginning. But I could still relate to her! And most times I felt exactly the way Jason felt about her, like she had two personalities. I loved that about him, that he noticed this, and that he wanted the real one. I also loved that he was over his wife, because she was screwing him over, and he knew he deserved better than that. Oh, and he likes football. And calls the sport by its real name. I can't tell you how much I loved this.And there is this perfect chemistry between Jason and Dana that I can't even begin to describe. He turns from hating her type to realizing there's more to her than his prejudice. She finds him rude and annoying, but also safe and comforting. And all the while, there is this pull between them and you can just feel it. The sexual tension during the hair/beard cutting scene is almost unbearable. PERFECT! I can't say it enough.I loved it so much.When I first stumbled upon this book, I knew I will read it as soon as it's out - it just sounded like my kind of thing. I've only ever read My Heart for Yours so it's not like I know Jolene Perry's writing. Well, I'm a fan! As a matter of fact, I'm about to go on a Jolene Perry book-binge (well, right after I finish a couple of other things)!