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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1)

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling To be truthful, I liked this, in a way. I loved Cassie and Jack's story, but there was just too much, all over the place.Cass is a lovable heroine. I didn't mind a thing about her character. And what I really liked is that she knew when she had to get over her issues and fight for what she thought was important (even if it was a fruitless fight at the time). And even more so, when she decided to put herself first. It made perfect sense.Jack. I'm undecided on Jack. He cheated, lied, and hurt Cassie. I hate cheating heroes and heroines. They're irredeemable in my eyes. But not Jack. He knew he screwed up royally and accepted the consequences. I still liked him a lot. Honestly if that whole thing didn't happen, it would be unrealistic, out of character! Because no matter what, he is that person. He kept telling her he is that person. People don't just get a whole new personality when they fall in love. It doesn't work that way. I wanted to punch him when he kept trying to punish himself, though. It was self-destructive, and I cared. Ok, I'm decided on Jack. I loved him in the end.I liked their relationship so much. It felt realistic, they didn't just fall-madly-can't-breathe-without-you-in-love right away. At least the author gave them some time. And like I said, I kept expecting one of them to screw up. I wanted them to work it out so much because they made sense to me.The writing is simple. I am yet to read Chance Encounters, so I didn't know what to expect. It's simple and straight to the point, and the dialogue is great.However, I felt like there was just too much? The story kept changing directions. You think it's going one way, and then the author just pulls out a completely different card and starts a new episode. It didn't sit well with me, but I won't let that ruin this for me because in the end, I loved Cassie and Jack.