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Betwixt - Melissa Pearl What a wonderful book! I haven't read anything by Melissa Pearl before, and I really really liked her writing. She creates wonderful, colorful characters and a very unique story.Nicole is a popular, mean girl - a character authors usually put opposite the heroine, but Melissa Pearl puts her center stage and makes you understand and sympathize with her in every way imaginable. Something happened to Nicole to make her this way, and slowly you realize that the person she seems to be at first is just a facade to hide from her demons.And Dale is a wonderful character, a loner, reformed bad boy with a troublesome past and scars to remind him of it every day.Together they are quite a pair, complete opposites at first, but kindred spirits when the masks fall down. They have shared history that should be hard to get over but they both prove to be better than that.The story has just a touch of paranormal to it, Nicole is hovering between life and death and Dale is the person to help her before the time runs out. You laugh at the things they get themselves into, and you cry because parts of it are really heartbreaking - her parents' marriage, her horrible friends, the way she realizes nobody cares, and what Dale went through was horrible. The suspense towards the end is great, you can feel the race against time and dread that he may not be able to save her after all.I must say I didn't expect to like it so much, but I am so glad I read it and definitely recommend it to everyone.