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The One for Me

The One for Me - Layla James This is more of a 3.5 stars, but GR doesn't believe in half a star. I picked this up because I loved the blurb. It's a very short and light read, and it was perfect for cookies, a cup of tea and a snowy afternoon.I loved the chemistry between Liam and Katy. They are so unfazed by each other at first it's almost funny to think things could get so good between them. You can exactly point out the moment things change for both Liam and Katy in their little pretending game. I'm a huge believer that opposites attract, so I was giddy with how things turned out to be.I have to admit I had the same misconceptions about Liam that Katy had. I thought he would be a poor kid with bad family and horrible childhood to make him the way he is, so I was genuinely surprised the way it turned out to be. He's a rebel :).God, I hated Hayden. He is such a cliche it's not even amusing.So, this was great, Layla James wrote a good book! It could have more of an emotional impact, I guess, but still. I couldn't relate to Katy at all, she was immature for her age.Yes yes, there are quite a few spelling mistakes which just seemed sloppy, some grammar mistakes (I can't help noticing these things, it's my second nature), and some inconsistencies (mainly a certain Logan that gets mentioned two times that I have no idea who is but I'm guessing first he was Hayden, then he was Liam, and also, that Liam was Hayden at one point, too. Does this make any sense?)And it is a big deal, but in the light of some things I've read lately... I do expect the author will go back and fix these things, or at least I think she should.It's a cute story so give it a chance.edit: Ah yes, the cover. I don't mind the couple on the cover, but seriously, authors. Find someone new. It's almost funny, either it's this couple or it's the couple from the Obsidian cover.B o r i n g.edit #2: I see the new cover and like it a million times better :).