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Veer - Alyssa Rose Ivy If you liked the first book, [b:Derailed|15755372|Derailed (Clayton Falls, #1)|Alyssa Rose Ivy|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345456419s/15755372.jpg|21452225], you will like this too. It's another predictable, but feelgood romance, that leaves you pretty satisfied with the ending.I loved Becca and I already loved Gavin, but their relationship just felt somehow forced at times. I actually thought she had a lot more chemistry with Jake than Gavin. But I knew this wasn't their story so I gave up on that. I did end up liking them, they were obviously a great fit. Sex is not ignored, but like with the first book - it's fade to black. I kind of thought it fits both stories that there weren't any graphic sex scenes.It was nice seeing where Molly and Ben, and Kelly and Tom were.Actually, what I liked the most about this was Jake and seeing him a bit differently than in the first book. I can't wait to read his story, it's got me excited for the third book! He's the best character of this series.