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Unmaking Hunter Kennedy

Unmaking Hunter Kennedy - Anne Eliot I've been meaning to read the other Anne Eliot's book, Almost, but never got to it. However, this came highly recommended by a friend, and the blurb sounded promising, so I immediately pushed everything else and started reading this.The book is cute, funny and heartbreaking, all at the same time. I was literally cracking up, sighing in contentment and fighting tears throughout the whole book. My whole face was hurting from so much smiling in the end.The two main characters are both so convinced they are less than what they really are, it was painful to read.Hunter's depression seemed very real, and the way he was dealing with it, before and after the...accident was very realistic. This isn't a light read, even if you don't have any history of depression, just know that Anne Eliot captured the feel of it perfectly.The thing I liked about Hunter was his honesty throughout the book. I thought he wouldn't admit to his feelings, leave and hope to get over it, and it was so awesome to see the author do the complete opposite. I have hope that a real person would do exactly what he did.But what the author did perfectly is show Hunter as a normal teenage boy despite his celebrity status, and I love her for that. Often celebrity bad boys in books are presented as some untouchable gods and then a girl comes along and they change their personality completely because of her. Well, not here. Hunter really is a decent, normal teenage boy, with some major issues, and I never had a feeling that his fame got to his head so much. We see this in the whole "asset" conversation he has with Vere. It is what it is. He just liked his music.Vere's issues are minor to Hunter's but I know to her they were huge. She is so extremely shy you feel shy for her when she gets herself in one of those situations. Her fixation on Curtis was hilarious.The evolution of their relationship was really natural. It was delightful watching Hunter fall head over heels for Vere. She is like a ray of sunshine and he learns to appreciate and need her like that.The book is written in a simple, but elegant way and the alternating POV fit really well with it. The character development and the pace are perfect. I'm not just talking about Vere and Hunter, all of the characters have some real depth, even if they're not so much in the book. I wouldn't change a thing about it, really. The ending is swoon worthy.I'm definitely going back to read Almost soon.