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A Multitude of Sins

A Multitude of Sins - H.E. Regis People fall in love, I don't think anyone is immune to that.That being said, I think this may have been Twilight fanfiction? Because at one point, Sister Mary Elizabeth calls Shane Father Cullen. I'm perfectly okay with this, but yeah, just a matter of editing. There were a couple of instances where a sentence starts in past tense and then somewhere in the middle it's all in present tense. And a couple of words swallowed.Dare I say I actually liked this? Yeah, that's why I'm giving it a three-star rating. This might be offensive to some readers, but I didn't think it was really that bad (but then again, I'm not very religious either and I will read just about anything that comes my way). Sure, the whole time I was reading it I felt guilty, but it's just the notion of how forbidden this relationship is that makes you feel like that. They go about it in a very mature way, and everything works out in the end the way it should.The majority of sex while they're both still celibate actually happens in dreams or fantasies.I say give it a shot, as long as you think you can handle it.