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Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1)

Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1) - Liz Reinhardt I loved this.Evan is such a no-nonsense heroine, it was refreshing. She doesn't play games, she doesn't make excuses for herself or for Winch, she doesn't play coy. She is just this strong, determined young woman. I loved her.And Winchester is a great character too, I could completely relate to the way he had all this burden on his shoulders, despite being so young. All that responsibility makes you kind of stop living your life for yourself and live it for everyone else. His family infuriated me.I did have a problem with the romance aspect of it because it got too intense, too fast. But yeah, I still thought it was sweet.When I was younger (20-ish, just about past YA but not exactly on level with your regular contemporary romance) I always wished there were more new adult novels out there that I could identify with.I'm so glad there is now a wide selection of these out there. Liz Reinhardt has a wonderful way of writing, straight to the point, that keeps you engaged the whole time. I can't wait to read her other books.