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The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1)

The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1) - M. Leighton I expected this to be something of a cross between fluff and smut. But I don't think I got either! I liked it despite it being your typical boy-meets-girl story.I mostly liked it because I felt the characters were well thought out and the obstacles they were facing actually made sense. I thought both characters were actually great. And I really loved the horse and car talk :).I loved Trick's (seriously, best character name, ever) integrity and that he didn't want to start something with her while she was with someone else. It was somewhat of a foreshadowing, but I didn't know what happens in the end so it's not like I realized it at the time.Cami (I prefer her real name, though, Camille) was just your typical girl with something close to daddy issues.I didn't like it because...well, the whole love-after-three-sights thing? Authors seriously need to get over this. There is nothing better than reading about characters falling in love over a period of time, it feels real. This? It's more lust. And I approve of that, as long as the I-love-yous don't come after a month. Too intense, too fast.Overall, I was surprised at how tame this was. When it comes to writing I had the same issues I had with "Down To You". The narrative had short, simple sentences that just felt abrupt. But unlike "Down to You", which was kind of a guilty pleasure, I really really liked, this was just good.