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Lengths - Steph Campbell, Liz Reinhardt I think I may have mentioned in one of my other reviews just how much I like Liz Reinhardt's writing. I have read Steph Campbell earlier, too, and loved her.And I really loved this.I'm not even gonna lie, the main reason I loved it was Deo. I mean sure, the story was great, Whit is an interesting character, I loved Deo's mom and her herbal concoctions (she reminds me of my mom so much), but Deo? I think he may be a new among my favorite characters! His lack of direction in life troubled me so much. He just seems to be drifting out there, without any real goal. But through all this he is so laid back, so unstressed that you can't but envy him that attitude. And he is so straight-to-the-point, it's refreshing. So uncomplicated.I enjoyed reading his chapters (and I can tell the author enjoyed writing him, too). When I have a reaction like this to any character, of course they become one of my favorites. He did some things wrong, but he is a genuinely nice guy with good intentions.Like I said, Whit is an interesting character. At times I was so annoyed with her indecisiveness - I like you, I want to be friends, but I really like you, stay over but we're just friends. And then after things happen with them, she does everything to sabotage their relationship. Sometimes I felt she was leading Deo on. Sure, she had a lot to deal with, and in the end everything worked out, but I really just disliked her most of the time because the way she acts was very self-centered.I would definitely recommend this read.