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Avoiding Responsibility (Avoiding, #2)

Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde Review revised on 02.12.2012.There is this awesome moment when you read an author's second book and realize it's better than the first! Well, I experienced that moment reading this. You can see the improvement, and it just makes you so happy.The last couple of chapters were just brilliant. They kept me on the edge of the seat.I'm so glad there's no shifting POV anymore. It was all from Lexi's POV and I wasn't constantly confused who is thinking what. Such an improvement!Lexi! Oh man, did she ever make up for the way she was pining and being pathetic in the first book. By the end she was so great, she was my personal hero. She took responsibility for everything she did, she owned up to every stupid mistake.And how great is it to have a heroine who doesn't put herself down over her looks all the time? I thought it was refreshing. She's comfortable in her skin. I liked her this time around so much.I was worried for the majority of the book that she will succumb to Jack(ass). I guess I should have trusted the author more!Ramsey! Again, refreshing to see a hero that doesn't do the possessive caveman act that seems to be so popular now. I wasn't in love with him in the first book, I guess we just didn't get enough of him in that way, and the focus was elsewhere. Well, I was definitely in love with him here. He has so many flaws, but it's what makes him so lovable. His maturity was so good to see.Bekah and Jack(ass) - they don't deserve my words, but they sure deserve each other. Despicable creatures. Hate. Bekah is such a pathetic creature, god. I don't know what else to say. And Jack is a sorry excuse for a man.Btw, who else thinks that Jack cheated with Maddy?Oh and then, Lexi and Ramsey :). I loved them together. Watching them fall in love was wonderful, and somehow very realistic. It's so often these days in romances that characters fall in love from their first scene together, so it's great to see an author that doesn't fall into this trap.The scene when they say their love-yous for the first time was so beautiful! I was rooting for them to work it out so much. Actually, everything about them was beautiful. I don't think I can explain how much I liked their relationship.I have to say, I was dreading the moment she screwed everything up because of her Jack(ass) weakness. It's just her pattern. He took up too much of her thoughts. But I'm glad the author didn't go that way.For some reason, and with her history, I thought it would be bigger, the reason Lexi and Ramsey split. I just didn't think that something like that was enough for her to end it, seeing as she knew worse things. I really thought he cheated and I was mentally preparing myself to hate him. When it turned out to be something else, I literally sighed with relief.And then I understood her, she was living a life of lies and delusions for six years, and she wanted nothing to do with that kind of life anymore even if she wasn't the one lying. I understood why she was hurt. He betrayed her trust completely. And while I thought that she did overreact it was understandable.Never once did I question where his loyalty lies, though. Obviously he loved her. He just went about the wrong ways to show it to her, even if he thought he was doing the right thing.Okay, now I'm just rambling but I have so many thoughts about it. I'll probably keep editing this review for a while.Anyways, definitely recommend this. Chapters 12 and 13 are so precious to me, I'm glad not a lot changed from the FP version. The ending - still perfect. The changes she made to the rest of the book were great, the book had faster pace and it was wonderfully written.The only thing I would change about this? MY RATING. Sadly, GR won't let me give it 6 stars.Third book, are you here yet?