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Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters - J. Sterling Having read and liked A Perfect Game, I really wanted to read Chance Encounters too.The writing is simple, and everything is a bit rushed. The dialogue is great, smart and funny. But what the book lacks in the writing department, it totally makes up in story which I liked so much.It was so obvious that they were meant to be from the moment they meet, the two main characters had great chemistry, even though they only meet twice.I was half annoyed with Caroline's reluctance to just listen to her heart, and I half understood why she was being the way she is. Jackson is such a great character. He says something that really got to me - I'm going to paraphrase here because I don't like to write out book excerpts, but something about their situation being really simple. If you want to be with somebody, you just be with them. And I agree so much. But like I said, I understood Caroline, too, even though she did let the whole thing get out of hand.I appreciate that the author kept Caroline's integrity and not have her cheat on Clay. It didn't help that Clay was a great guy too. He wasn't a villain and I couldn't hate him. I just felt bad for him.Anyways, for people who love stories about love at first sight, this is a great read. It's fairly short and simple, and can be read in one sitting. I loved it.