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Inescapable: The Premonition Series: 1

Inescapable - Amy A. Bartol I'm so glad I'm done with this. I've been reading it on and off for almost twenty days, and it's come to the point where I just wanted to be done with it so it doesn't hang over me.I'm giving the book two stars because there was a saving element to it, I'll talk about that later.There were many things I liked about this book. I liked Russell, when he wasn't speaking.There are authors that can pull off dialects and accents in dialogue. This one, not so much. It was just plain annoying to read his lines. You know it's bad when you have to stop and translate what the character is trying to say even if he's talking in plain English.Other than that, Russell might be my favorite character in this book (actually, the only one I liked).I liked it when Evie and Reed "broke up". Yes, that brought me immense joy because they were so cheesy with their you're-my-air-I-haven't-lived-before-I-met-you-I-will-die-without-you-et-cetera-et-cetera.I loved the story, and the mythology. I think, had the main characters been different (and when I say different, I mean, not-Evie-and-Reed), I would have loved this book.Unfortunately, they were carbon copies of every naive heroine and controlling hero out there. She is constantly belittling herself, saying she's not worthy, so she lets him get away with saying things like:"...Now explain what happened before I lose my temper.”I'm sorry, Reed, was that... a threat? This happens in chapter 9 (Foreign Language), and it was a turning point in cementing my dislike towards these two characters. See, Evie annoyed me all throughout the book, but this is where she loses my respect. Reed was mysterious and yes, annoying with his glaring and rudeness (so cliche), but this is where I think he's not really a knight in shining armor. I was this ( ) close to DNF-ing the book here. However, I didn't, for whatever reason I kept going.And what did I get? Some more of the same thing - Evie apologizing, promising to follow the "rules", fearing Reed will be mad at her, asking him why doesn't he shout at her... He locks her up in his house, he keeps making comments like "...before I lose it."What will happen, Reed, if you lose it, I thought to myself. (Sidenote: another thing I hated about this book, every other line is "Italics italics italics, I think to myself.")I was explaining to a friend while reading this that I'm trying to put it in this supernatural/paranormal setting and understand, because you know, maybe things are different when the bordering-on-abusive boyfriend is an angel and he's not the biggest threat to your well-being, but nope, still wasn't okay to me.The saving grace of the book is the ending. There was some good action in it, some fallen angels, a major twist I didn't expect, a couple of heart stopping moments - and *drumroll please* NO REED.The writing was nothing special. I didn't care much about the characters - as you might have noticed, apart from Russell and sometimes Freddie. You are constantly relying on Reed to explain to you what's going on, which I hated because I hated having him in the scene. The dialogue is... okay, I guess. There's no chemistry between Reed and Evie, but there was great chemistry between Russell and... Reed! Weird as it may sound.Evie is so indecisive about the boys it made me want to punch her, repeatedly. I love these stories where everything centers on heroine and how everything and everyone depends on her and how everyone wants her and how everything revolves around her. NOT.And then, of course, the author tells you she's smart and stuff, but judging by her actions, she was just plain stupid and childish. Bringing herself in harm's way all the time, even if she knows what's out there. Acting childish when Reed reasons with her that she needs to be more careful about her safety. I was kind of hoping she dies, but there are three more books, so I didn't hold my breath for it to happen.I could mention all the Twilight similarities, there are lines taken out of that book, but enough people have done that already.Now, will I read the other books? At this moment, NO. The book ends in such a way that if you really cared you have to continue right away. Lucky for me. I hear there are Irish guys in the second book, and normally I would be stoked about this, but honestly, I'm dreading their probably exaggerated Irish accent in dialogue. They are also something else, and I hate it when authors bring new mythological creatures into a story, so there.But most of all, I can't subject myself to Evie and Reed again.