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Finding Kate Huntley

Finding Kate Huntley - Theresa Ragan This had such an interesting story line. I'd give it 3.5 stars but Goodreads won't let me.I loved the Kate/Jack duo, they had such weird dynamic, complete opposites, it was wonderful. Kate is really kickass, and it was funny watching Jack try and take care of her when she took care of him instead. But Jack held his own just fine with his calm demeanor and smarts.I loved the mystery. There's a lot of thrill and they're constantly on the run. People die! And I have to say I did not figure it out myself, so I was as surprised about who was pulling all the strings as they were in the end. I don't know how I missed it.My mom was eating it up because she's all about pharmaceutic conspiracy theories, I kept updating her on what's happening, she loved it :D.Theresa Ragan's style of writing does keep you engaged the whole time, but I found her development of their relationship a bit sloppy, though the chemistry is undeniable. As a romance reader I guess I'm just used to more detail. And she does the whole I-loved-you-when-I-first-saw-you thing, which I'm never a fan of.This was a freebie in the Kindle store when I got it, so it was definitely worth reading. I recommend it.