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Taking Chances

Taking Chances - Loni Flowers You know, this was lovely, even if a bit unrealistic at times. I mean, what are the chances?It did start out a bit slow, but then it picked up and the pace was perfect then. Pretty good writing, too. There are some sex scenes but they're not all that graphic.I really liked Alex. He comes into her life when she needs him the most, and I'm not just talking about the assault. He is not a serial womanizer and a jerk that undergoes this major change, but a genuinely nice guy that has a painful past, and the feelings he had for Clair were so untainted somehow, pure. You could see it at all times.And I loved Clair, even if she was annoying for the most part of the first half of the book. Once they got together, though, she was great, a lovable character you learn to care about.But I sort of felt like there was too much, too many issues that were supposed to be this big deal but not all of them really were. His past (poor thing!), her past (not nearly as big deal, at least the whole Seth thing), the attempted rape (which I am glad the author gave an afterthought and it wasn't just used as an excuse for them to meet), her dad, and then with the whole pregnancy thing. Btw, how funny was it that I was like "CONDOOOOOM!"? Honestly, there was a bit too much foreshadowing for the whole thing - first making sure to mention condoms except that one time, and then with the pregnant lady that looked like Clair. Eh, IDK. I didn't like the way Clair handled that, at all. There is no excuse for not telling him right away..Essentially it was a story about two broken people learning to rely on and trust each other through their relationship. There weren't some major obstacles in their way, but there was still some drama. Overall I thought it was a great, heartfelt story.