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Falling Into You

Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder I DNF-ed this book at 66%.Unpopular opinion time.If there is one thing, one thing, I ask of authors - it's not to use any kind of (even attempted) sexual assault just to bring hero and heroine together.It's disrespectful and insulting.This was an insta-heroine-dislike for me. Not sure why, but I could tell she'll test my tolerance limits from the very beginning. And she did, for all of 66% I read.Nell, after being almost raped (which Colt stresses for some reason, like it matters that she was only almost raped), molests Colt in his sleep. I am not being nit-picky here. IF HE CAN'T CONSENT, IT'S NOT CONSENSUAL. They are not in a relationship. He never expressed desire to be touched like that in his sleep. She knows it's not okay. She still does it.But that's okay, because he touched her while she was asleep, too. Thankfully, he had more self-restraint, but still.I gave up in the middle of a sex scene. That almost never happens.I have to raise a couple of points.1. What's the point of getting to know Kyle's character while he was alive? He's gonna die anyways. It's in the blurb. I skimmed the beginning of this book because it was obvious the author was trying to make you like him and then rip your heart out.Didn't work. I prepared myself for his death.Would have been so much better if the book just started with the funeral.2. Speaking of which - you're at your dead boyfriend's funeral, TWO (2) days after he died and you... feel zaps of electricity run through your arm, hand, body, whatever when said dead boyfriend's brother touches you.Uncool.3. Speaking of dead boyfriend's brother - you spent your whole life being THISCLOSE to your best-friend-now-dead-boyfriend, and you never met his brother? He left home when he was seventeen - which would make you twelve at the time... and you never met him, even though your families were apparently really tight? I call BS.Also, makes for the worst kind of insta-love. He sees her at his brother's funeral, then he pines away after her for two years. Right.Now, if I'm being honest, I love Jasinda Wilder. Wounded is one of my favorite reads of 2012! I just don't get this book. It had so much potential! It's a great story, but the execution... not so much.I'm so disappointed. I need a good read, now.