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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton Sooooooo, Wallbanger, I give you 3.5 stars. Yes, the title means exactly what you think it means.I thought the opening of the book was hilarious! I couldn't help it, we've all encountered neighbors like those at least once, and it's always as annoying while being hilarious as it was to Caroline. The whole book is laced with wonderful humor that had me laugh out loud a couple of times.This one is actually quite a light romance, while still being really sweet, exactly what I needed after all the heavy reading I've done lately. Yup, just mindless, fun read with charming characters. There's some serious chemistry between Caroline and Simon from their first encounter. I loved their easy friendship and their wooing each other was reminiscent of a real couple. That was great, really.And I liked both Simon (crush alert!) and Caroline so much. But, I found Caroline to be so immature at times. I don't mean her acting all childish, that's perfectly fine - but I find it hard that a twenty-six year old woman (A WOMAN, with a steady successful career, as independent as her and as strong minded as her) refers to her ladyparts as "hoohah" and "tatas". God, that was awful, every time I read it I cringed.And there's a cat! Clive! Probably my favorite "pet character" I've ever read in a book. He's a riot.There's no real conflict in the story, she can't come after an awful sexual encounter (and by god, it really was awful), all the while worrying she'll never have an orgasm again - and that's about it.But that's okay! It was still a great read.Except for the fact that the authors does this amazing job of building wonderful sexual tension between the two of them, and then spends the last 20% of the book having her characters just have crazy duracell bunny sex page after page after page, and for some reason it seemed to me like she was making up for no sex in the rest of the book.Overall, I don't think I'll ever be able to read, write, or say "Oh God" again without thinking about this book. Read this if you need some light romance and a good laugh. You'll fall in love with Simon, he really is awesome.