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Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1)

Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski I'm really debating whether or not to post this review because it will probably end up being an unpopular opinion, but eh.With all the glowing reviews I expected this book to blow me away. So you can understand how this is very awkward.The story started out good enough and I was hooked from the beginning. Such a promising start, you know, I was 100% sure I will be reading an amazing book.Sarai is a great, strong female character and she never let anything bring her down.Victor... I didn't get to know much despite being in his head several times.What was the connection between these two? I just don't know. They both just sort of tell you they have these feelings developing between them, I definitely didn't witness any of it.And then, it was kind of all over the place. I must say I was actually enjoying the Javier storyline despite the author's cop out of glossing over the details that I would have very much liked to know simply cause it seemed to be that kind of story. And you know, if you're gonna write a book about a sex slave, mention bondage and stuff like that... but okay.It's all tied up nicely in the end, the body count is over the roof, and it felt like a natural end of the story save for our hero and heroine getting together which I expected to happen within the next few pages. But then I glanced at my percentage thing. All of this happened at 65-ish % of the story.So I'm thinking, no way, she won't make the rest of the book a will-they-won't-they. She didn't. She started a whole new storyline that didn't have much to do with what I've read so far.I won't say anything else about it because I don't want to spoil it, but I found it completely redundant and for a minute there, I swear I wished for a cliffhanger instead so I can actually read that as a separate story.I forced myself to finish the book cause it completely lost me at that point. It took me forever to go through that last 30%.As for the writing, the further the story went, the less I was convinced. In the beginning it was tight and I felt like I was reading a really good, well written book, but as it went on, it just sort of faltered in quality, and there were even noticeably more typos and grammar mistakes ("should of"? A published author wrote that a couple of times and it went unnoticed. SMH.) That being said, it's still good, just not what I expected from J.A. Redmerski (or rather, not as much as I expected) - some POV cheating where the heroine magically knows what the other characters are thinking and feeling, the dialogue felt kind of stilted at times, hero's POV comes too late in the story and out of nowhere.At least it wasn't insta-love.What bothered me the most, though, is that all the while I was reading it, there was this sense of deja-vu but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then it came to me - if you've read the ICE series by Anne Stuart, just be prepared to read a similar story minus the awesome badass heroes who seem like actual bastards that they are. Victor was more of a bleeding-heart-crying-assassin kind (remember that movie where the leading man is an assassin who cries? Yeah, that's how I saw Victor).There's a mildly graphic sex scene in the book.The ending is very abrupt and not in a cliffhanger way. Even cliffhangers give you more closure than that.Overall, I'm kinda disappointed. I guess I expected more, and it didn't deliver. But if you're a J.A. Redmerski fan, you should definitely read the book, I still recommend it.