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A Moment (Moments, #1)

A Moment (Moments, #1) - Marie Hall I wanted so much to rate this book higher, but no.I mean, it's easy to get swayed with oh-my-god-this-is-so-beautiful, but in reality, this story lacked. It's gonna be weird to review it because I really did love it. I just didn't love it.While I thought Ryan was an amazing character - the rawness of what he was going through, the way Marie Hall told his story without saying a word and you pieced it all together and were dreading the moment you heard it all because you knew it was going to be that bad - with all of this, I just couldn't get over how... stereotypical his character was. A bad boy playboy with a broken past. What else is new?Lili, on the other hand, confuzzled me. At first she seems like a strong heroine, but when shit hits the fan (and that's like...90% of the story) she... cries. And cries and cries and cries throughout this whole book.That being said, I liked her because at least she knew when to give up. Even if it was half hearted. There's only so much a person can carry on their shoulders.This is insta-love of a different kind. But it doesn't change the fact that it's still insta-love.The writing is simple. A little too simple maybe, but I didn't mind.What really bothered me was that there are so many unnecessary things in this book. Some editing would have fixed that, to nip&tuck all the paragraphs that I found myself skimming.Names get confused, some loose ends and inconsistencies, questions left unanswered.There are a couple of really awkward time jumps. The author crammed a whole year into the story using the very convenient "one month later", "another month later" jumps that told me it will end where it began rather than had me wonder how it will all play out. I think this is what bothered me the most.The author does deal with the delicate subject with respect, I think, so kudos for that. What happened to Ryan was really horrible and I felt for him so much.I loved Alex! I'm actually looking forward to reading his story. I have no idea who Zoe is, though, I must have missed that.Really, all the characters bring something to the story, except that I felt that Javi was just sort of... there. There wasn't a point to his character other than to show Ryan being nice to him, and how Lili was affected by his autism. And that's it.There are a couple of graphic sex scenes in the book. I thought they were well done and fit the story.I'm going to repeat myself - this story is really beautiful. It tugged at my heartstrings and I really do recommend everyone read it. But sadly, to me, it just wasn't all it could have been.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.